Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Day

Ohh folks, apoligize if im extra busy this past few days and i swear i couldnt help it despite me adjusting to all my errands. Today, i managed to enjoy myself roaming around the town and it make myself good. The hubby was able to wired my allowance for the week so its kinda good doing something beyong the usual things. I was so busy from work, busy with my partner and with all my other activities. Just got another party invite for this month and its a wedding again. I knew im running out of party dresses and i wish to augment it the soonest.

Anyway, let me just share with you some good thougths today. Im just so happy having a blessed life and i cant ask for more. Thank God for really giving me a wonderful journey this year especially for giving me a hubby as thoughtful, as generous and as loving as him. I was just making "lambing" to him last night that i want to buy somethings. He teased me that ive been buying almost every week and he said i might not wear them all. Funny, but despite me being just making fun of my honey, he surprised me with a treat today. Isnt he so sweet all the time? Well, i have all the reasons in the world to embrace my life. I cant wait for the next few days for my Christmas shopping. Have a great day guys.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Meme

Its been awhile i posted some meme on my blog. Now, its about time to share some nonsense stuff just for the sake of updating, huh? - kidding. Anyway, since i love answering questions, here's my recent steal from Sunday Stealing.

1. Why did you sign up for writing your blog? - to share some thoughts

2. Why did you choose your blog's name? What does it mean? - it was suggested by a friend

3. Do you ever had another blog? - yes, four other blogs.

4. What do you do online when you're not on your blog? - reading mags

5. How about when you're not on the computer? - watching tv

6. What do you wish people who read your blog knew about you? - i wish they will become open minded.

7. What is your favorite community in the blogosphere? - bc bloggers

8. What is your philosophy on your blog layout? - pink rocks

9. Tell me about your picture you use to represent you on your blog. - i just love the sweetness of this youngsters.

10. Pick 3 random blogs from your blogroll and tell us about them. - okey, later

11. What features do you think your blog should have that it doesn't currently? - i love to feature some quotes

12. What do you consider the 10 most "telling" interests that we would infer from what you blog persona?- hmmm, can i have it nine? hehehe

13. Do you have any unique interests that you have never shared before? What are they? - i cant think

14. The best thing about blogging is all of the friends that you make, Beside from those folks, do you think your blog has fans? - i dont think so. Hopefully

15. What's your current obsession? What about it captures your imagination? - collecting mags

16. What are you glad you did but haven't really had a chance to post about? - i helped and i dont brag.

17. How many people that first became a blog friend, have you met face to face? - none so far.

18. What don't you talk about here, either because it's too personal or because you don't have the energy? - romance and private family details.

19. What's a question that you'd love to answer? - are you in love?

20. Have you ever lost a blogging friendship and regretted it? - yeah

21. Have you ever lost a blogging friendship and thought, “Was that overdue!” - hehehhe

May You Rest in Peace

I just got the news today. The neighbor's baby finally is taken back by the Creator. I really pity her much as she continue to struggle for her survival. She was examined to have a heart failure and a lung problem. I was there when she was fighting for her life, i was there when the was being pumped for her to survive and now its hard to think that she finally gave up. I wish i could do something to bring her into life but too late she didn't made it. I hope the little angel would finally rest in the hands of God.

No Idle Time

I am so busy today. I have lots of things to do at office but i am doing so great. I love how my boredom suddenly vanished because of a little pressure. I was given a mountain of paper works and i just felt the neck to neck work pressure to me. Anyway, yesterday afternoon i was surprised for a friend visit. She was my former colleague and she came over to invite me of her daughter's christening. I was one of the godparents including some of our friends and business partners at the company. It would surely be a fun day since our former boss from Cebu and Ormoc would come too. I am super excited and can't help looking around for a nice dress too.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Love Abundantly

Good morning folks, the sun's smile is as bright as my day. I woke up late because of the tired day yesterday but my day starts so fine. On the other end, my honey's day is not as good as mine. He phoned me as soon as i woke up that theres some trouble in the company. He said his day is not as good as he was expecting. Told him to just be calm and relax. Soon, he texted me that he is now fine. Glad, i have a partner as sweet and as thoughtful as him. I told him that he is just so lucky to have me, in fairness he replied back "so much". Well, this explains why i had a great smile until now. Stay in love guys.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fabulous Saturday

Its been a fabulous day for me. The wedding turned out to be so great. I wish i could upload today some photos. I love how my friend transform me into someone that i never expect will be. He decided to curl my hair and it was so perfect. I was amazed how he does my make up so well. I cant wait anymore to upload some of my photos at the wedding. Hmmm, i love the photo booth too at the reception. It was exclusives for all invites and you could just pose their and you will have the shot for free.

On the other end, you cant believe it guys. I was just at dowton to eat siomai and i crave for it. When i arrived home, i realised its a bit early so i changed immediately and roam around the mall. I eat whatever i desired coz i limit my craveness for the past few weeks and its really so worth it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Personal Loans Options

Applying for a loan is indeed inevitable. No matter how steady or stable your job is, an unexpected expense will always knock on your door somewhere during at your down times. I had my personal experienced where i was confused where to get some amount i needed urgently. Sometimes, you think of getting it from a friend or maybe an office mate but the thing of just opening up your agenda really kills you. How much more if you ask it from a friend and blatantly tells you that she has no excess. Although, i am single, i have a work, an online earnings plus a partner who supports me all the way. I still encounter financial crises. Although, it just lasted for few days but the thought alone of getting some personal loans to cover up my expenses has been becoming an option. Indeed, getting a loan is not just a mere alternatives of few individuals but mostly of all people especially if you are in the midst of a crises you are unprepared. Its never been an issue and will never be an issue because its a fact that most people underwent rough times,right?

So if you are one of those fellow who would like to avail of loans the soonest possible then dont go far. There are bad credit personal loans available for you and the good news you can actually get or apply it online. Some are faxless and guaranteed fast approval. Who says cash is hard to find? Not, if you know your options and resources.

Good Morning Friday

I had a great sleep last night and i should have woke up late if not of my honey's call. He will be going to his son's house. Its thanksgiving day so i suggested that he should go out. My honey is quite hard headed,hehehe. I always tells him to have time for himself because when he is overworking, he always has this allergy thing. So when he has his allergy he would not let me know it because he knew ill get mad and will not talk to him. I will be attending my friends wedding tomorrow so i need to have some time to rest. I just ask my mom to buy the gift as im so tired going out. I just had my mani and pedi and will attend some rehearsals later. Im just so excited for tomorrow and hopefully everything will turn out fine. I hope no rain for tomorrow. Please God.

On the lighter note, i just remember our conversation with my partner last night. Ive mentioned to him the other day that i will be attending my friends wedding. I told him about the expenses that i might incur. He told me that he is still on travel and cant fix to wire me. Ohh well, what a pretty surprise, about noon yesterday he told me to pick up the money for my shoes and i just feel so touched because i knew he does his very best to please me. When he phoned me last night, he asked me if i still have extra for my allowance, i said im just fine until the end of the month but he insisted. Ill have my allowance on Saturday. What a sweet partner..Indeed, i cant find a loving and generous man as my honey pie. For that, i have no reasons to entertain some nonsense thoughts.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Browse for Travel Nursing Jobs

As ive mentioned in my previous post, i was at the hospital near my place to visit a neighbor. Her baby is confined now because of weak lungs and a heart problem. I cant help but feel pity to the mother because i knew she has nowhere to go nor ask help. The father of the baby is nowhere to be found while her family is not that well off to provide her with her medication and hospital needs. Going back, i headed to the pediatrics section of the hospital and i feel so unease whenever i passed by at those rooms filled with sick babies. I couldnt help but feel pity with their situation and with their mom too. The room infront of the pedia ward is the nurse station. Good things theyre just a window away so in any case there is an emergency or if a patient needs a quick medical attention, they can rescue or attend to them the soonest.

Speaking of nurses, i knew most of them belongs to a well off family. You can see the way they pose or talk. They have good breeding and i guess some belongs to a reputable family. I say so because the course is indeed expensive and settling in a local job is quite a suicide. Ohh well, i need to remember my pledge of patriotism. But kidding aside, the reality is indeed painful knowing the salary range of a typical nurse. No wonder, most of them dream to be at foreign land and serve the people outside of their respective country because of the fact that we cant provide them with rewarding compensation. So if you are scouting for possible medical jobs then why dont you browse for travel nursing jobs here and abroad. Its actually a unique job in the sense that they travel on the places they choose to go on assignment. You can find some vacancy online or call some travel nursing companies for a sure slot. Anyway, the net is rich on online resources for travel nurse companies so im quite sure it will be easy for you to find one.

A Long Day

To start off, my feet is so tired from roaming the entire city. I visited a neighbor who is presently confined at the hospital with her baby. I bought few pantries and fruits for her since i am wearing my wedges, i cant help but feel so tired because of the long walk the entire day. My real agenda was to buy my gift and footwear but i actually have not buy the former since its already late. I am cramming because i still need to give some bucks for the brother to go to the market. Now, im stucked with few more errands tomorrow. I still need to have my manicure and pedicure, contact the person who will do my make up and have our church rehearsal. Im still not sure if i could drop by at the hospital tomorrow, hopefully. Its indeed a long day for me.

On Belt Conveyors

Its been a busy day for me nevertheless, i dont want to think that i cant do it. I have so many errands that need my urgent attention and i want to give them their respective priority. I headed to the city early in the morning coz i wasnt able to withdraw from the local hall. I was lucky that i had my money as early as now. I was able to ask someone to do my laundry too coz i will attend a wedding this Saturday so ill surely cant give a time on other chores.

Going back, while i was on my way home, i was amazed how fast the construction of a new hotel in nearby. I dont know exactly when they start constructing but the span of time they had for doing the building is amazingly fast. At least, the place would have a better hotel. On the other end, i saw some Belt conveyors and conveyor belt inside the building. I figured they need it for convenient and flexibility of the construction men. I wish they knew too about some material handling conveyors so that they wouldnt have hard time doing the movement of materials in a horizontal and shallow plane. But i knew the person who manage the construction has its perfect strategy. For now, i cant help but get excited for their upcoming opening.

Huge Assortments of Hot Tube Filter

A spa is a woman's friend. We all want to be pampered after a stressful and tiring day, who woundt want after all? Today, i dream to be in a place where i can just hear the sounds of a running water. I want to sleep in a room filled with petals and be touched with a fine spa massage that would give a little tickle in my body. I love the refreshing scents of spa room where i could sense no pollution and all i just care is a sound sleep and a relaxing feeling. Ohh well, everyday spa is not impossible. Ive known few individuals who have s small room for spa and just bought some equipments and other spa related stuff. Its actually no hassle if you have your own spa room than going into s spa center everyday.

You could find great deals on hot tub covers and spa chemicals at an affordable rate. In fact, my recent find is the premium source of most spa owners so you will be sure of its quality and durability. You could also find few assortments and models of hot tub filter, if you are in need of one. The good news, its a one stop spa shop. You could find almost everything you need for you spa stuff from spa covers to your spa filters. You will love shopping at Its actually America's leading source of spa equipment

Its an Answered Prayer

I dont know how to thank God for an answered prayer. Im just so happy for having a man as great as my hubby. Woot..i was just asking for a miracle last night and God is really so good. He really helped me all through out. To my honey pie, thank you for everything, for being there always, for being my bestfriend and for all the love and understanding. I will always be your partner.Another love thoughts id like to share.

Love is either unconditional or it's no love. You might like someone conditional on their personality or behavior or circumstances. But love accepts no boundaries. So never say 'I love you because', for love has no cause, love comes from God.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hunting for Good Deal on Glock Pistols?

Are you the cowboy type and you love to hang out at some shooting station? If so, then this is the right post for you. Dont ever be fooled of getting a firearm at stores you barely know? I tell you you would just be pissed at your recent buy and eventually your pistol would not last for years. Instead, buy your rifles and other firearms needs at authorised firearms station. It always pays to be at the accredited store since you will be greeted with huge selection, avail of friendliest staff, get a good deal and of course you will be aided with valuable tips how to best care your shooting tools.

Hunting for a good deal? Then check out shootersstation online to see their best deals and specials. I knew they have amazing products like Glock pistols and Kimber rifles. But heres your dessert, they offer layaway plans on quality shooting products. So if you are on fancy of Rock river arms or you want a superb pistol this Christmas then worry no more because you just need to call them and avail of their plans and amazing packages now. You can also preorder your shooting stuff anytime, just give them a call and you can have your dream rifle in just a span of few days.

Am I Likeable?

You Are Very Likeable

You're the type of person who likes to pay it forward. You are a big believer in karma.

Building real and deep relationships matters to you. You are a person of substance looking for others of substance.

You don't brag about your accomplishments, but the truth is that you set an amazing example for others.

You are friendly, authentic, and down to earth. No wonder you're so popular!

Where to buy Pepper Spray?

Crimes can happen to anyone regardless if you are well off or not. You can be a victim of rape, murder and even theft even when you think you're at the safest place on earth. As much as we dont like to be the aggrieved party for such crimes but since its beyond our control and its inevitable. What we should bear in mind is to keep ourself safe all the time. Some women enroll themselves on marshall arts and other self defense coarse. I believe its one way of getting yourself protected and unharmed against this culprit. On the upside, you can also armed yourself with stuff that would really turn the killers upside down. For instance, you can bring with you OC spray or mace spray. These are effective and unique tools for self defense. These are also proven sprays in safeguarding yourself for possible harm.

Of course, the favorite pepper spray will never be forgotten. This is actually one of the most popular self defense spray of most women. You can buy pepper spray at some online portals at reasonable price. It has 15 foot range that ultimately increased your safety and protection. It isnt bothered by weather condition so whether its rainy or sunny, once you need to use such spray then it would absolutely works for you.

Indeed, learning how to defend yourself is a must have training for everyone. It does not only gives your protection but provides you with ease of mind wherever you may go.

God Is So Good

Good morning world. I just have so many things to be grateful of and at one point i realised im so much lucky to have a GOD as kind and as loving as HIM. True indeed, if you just trust HIM, he would just do things on his own and without you knowing he solved your worries. To that, let me leave you an inspiring thoughts.

If you worry a lot, then day after day you are learning how to worry even better. If you think about doing something a lot, then you are learning how to think about doing. Every moment you are happy, you are learning how to be even happier. Every time you act, you are learning how to take an action even better. What is it that you've been learning today? What is it that you want to learn tomorrow?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trendy Shipping Labels

I love writing letters. At some point, writing communication and business letters are my forte. I remember an office mate before who would just file all his draft letters on my table and asked me to send it to the respective addresse. I am quite pleased whenever i made a good business communication and modesty aside, i take charge of company's communications from my previous company until today. My boss would always ask me to check his drafts especially if it was intended for the President. Anyway, the skills i have now are all from the disciplines and exposures i got from my alma mater. They really trained me well from boosting my academe skills to my personality development. I remember i was given the task of making an order labels when we had our foundation. We used the modernised tools of creating a trendy and modern shipping labels. Im sure i can come up with a better solution in case i need to have one today. I stumbled sites which offer valuable inputs as to where to get Easy Order Shipping Labels. I also read once about Custom Shipping Labels and its not as complicated as you think. So if you're in need of shipping labels or tips how to make a customised one then dont go any further. Check out the online resources. In just a click you have the solution to your problem.


Wooot, another morning greetings for me. I have assigned tasks for my blog and i feel so delighted. I am just so much flattered that i am given task everyday. Maybe at some point there are reasons behind the pouring of graces on me. I read one time that sometimes God wants you to be an intrument of HIS love and kindness. I always wish to become one of his intruments. For now, allow me to thank my GOD for everything. Have a great day guys.

Monday, November 21, 2011

What About Used MRI Equipment?

I never thought the essential role of medical equipments until a cousin was confined to the hospital because of accident. He was driving his motorcycle when an untoward incident happened. It was i guess the saddest part of our family journey. He stayed at the ICU for like a week because it came out that there was an internal hemorrage inside his brain. It was never easy for the family to decide if the cousin would undergo a brain operation not to mention the cost and the small percentage of survival because the equipment in the country is not that technologically high tech. It came to the familys' knowledge that the local hospital has no succesful case yet of brain operation. The doctor who specializes for the brain is indeed hard to find and most likely they resides in the big city because most of the patients go to the latter for check up.

WE learned that the local hospital has no MRI equipment yet. I wish they have even a used mri equipment to address immediate needs but sadly at that time they cant afford to have the equipment in the hospital. When i learned on the net about used ct equipment and used pet ct, what immediately came into my mind is the urge to share the link, I knew it would be a big help especially for patients who cant afford to have their check up at the highly urbanised city.

Whats with Monday?

I knew Christmas is in the air but i still cant feel it because i feel so alone. I missed my sister terribly and to eat my time i just read and reread my recent and past mags collections. I became a constant visitor of a neighbor too because of too much boredom but if im in the mood to stay in my room, im playing cityville and solitaire to death. Ohh well, the monday is over. Well, we dont have office until thursday because there's still a convention at Manila.The rest of our agents has still work but gladly we were advised to be off.

On the other hand, the neighbor is already on labor. I pity her much because i knew the pain she is presently bearing but then she has no one to ask help to. My hubby and I promised to share but it was just a bad timing because my partner is on travel. For some glitters, i already had my gown today and it fitted well on me. Hope to have my sandals before wednesday.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All About Nursing Homes

When i was on my college years, i used to get envy on students who are on their white uniform. I do mean of nursing students who honestly looks stunning and class whenever they are on their school wear. I wish i am one of them but because the course alone is too expensive, i never had the chance to enroll on that course.The course is actually a huge spectrum. It covers a general term not only for medicine but for all its respective allies. If you are a graduate of this course, you could possibly be employed as a nurse or a private assistant in any health institutions. On the upside, there are also nursing aides who are in demands nowdays especially for home care facilities. Speaking of the latter, this institutions are really in demand since it became a great option especially for parents who want a company same as their age. Its not hard to look for a nursing home if you are in need of one. I believe the net is a great tool especially if you do look for an area near with your place or your mom's place. I knew of Nursing homes Raleigh which is a best nursing home and i personally knew of a satisfied client. The good thing, you can arrange your options, in case you want a short term or long term living arrangement. Check out the price for Assisted living facilities Raleigh if you want to know more.

A Blah Day

Okey fine i admit, i miss my sister so much that i just want to be in my bed the entire day. I just cant figure out how to do things on my won, watch tv with no one to talk to and of course i missed our chitchat days. Nevertheless, i knew that this is a sacrifice on our part. I need to slowly get things as i used to be. I guess its also my best time to focus on my work, my honey and of course for my family. Its a rainy day today but depsite of it being gloomy, i still have few reasons to celebrate. I have bountiful blessings that came way each single day. Its enough for me to smile ane embrace my life. Happy sunday guys!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Best Coffee Makers

Are you a coffee addict? Ohh well, i am and i can sip three to four cups of coffee whenever i am doing something as urgent and as stressful as my previous job. I can still recall those times where my favorite coffee is served with latte when we have our weekly progress report. My assistant would always prepare my coffee before i head on to work and he already knew my coffee and sugar measurement. My collegue always complain because my coffee is always strong by taste. Honestly, the said taste helps me think and would give me a different sense of motivation. That is why whenever i have reports that is due the following day, my constant friend is my black coffee served with any crackers.

Well, if you love to taste other coffee flavors then starbucks is the right place. I do love the way they do their coffee and latte at this coffee shop and no wonder they're one of the favorite hangouts of few individuals. But fo course we know how expensive their servings so if you love to taste their coffee in an unlimited way then get a Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers. They are the leader in coffe maker industry and will surely be a friend especially if you crave for coffee most often. Other than that, the company also offers Hamilton Beach Blenders which by the way one of the most sought after blenders in the market. Well, looking for classic machines and everything in between? then Hamilton brands is your only choice and your best option.

The Importance of Prescription Assistance

Few months ago, i had my eye check up at the clinic inside the mall. We were just passing by with my sister when i felt the urge to get a professional help with my migrane. I've thought that the migrane thing is always associated with the eye without taken into consideration few stuff like maybe stress, hypertension or over fatigue. Anyway, i was assisted by this attendant to the optometrist and we talked for few minutes regarding the things i am experiencing especially my headache stuff. She asked me how often do i feel a little pain in my head? the nature of my work? and even some petty things which i thought will not be asked but was pretty surprised when she asked. Its actually about my menstruation.

Anyway, she asked me to return so that i would undergo tests but as of today i havent had the motivation to return simply because i am afraid of whatever diagnosis she may come. Of course, i knew the importance of taking good care of our eyes thats why i want to get a Prescription assistance because i do want to address my problem of poor eyesight once in awhile. Yes, im not getting any younger thats why there are instances where i felt my body organs and systems are deteriorating but hopefully i could realize the importance of getting an rx help the soonest. Another thing that kept me away from an eye doctor is because i dont want to wear an eyeglass. I have always this image in my mind that people who wear eyeglasses are old maid. I forgot that there are trendy eyeglasses nowadays that really fit in with your style and fashionable in all sense. How about you would you get an rx help? Do you go for trendy optic wear or you prefer the old school eye wear?

Its Finally Fixed

Our electric wires was finally fixed and a few hours ago the power was finally back to normal. Its a relaxing day for me and im glad i got a good rest. I will surely have enough energy to work with my few backlogs and offlines stuff. As with my sister, she just leaved thsi afternoon and as of this writing im sure she's at Cebu Domestic Airport waiting for her flight to Iloilo. I was kinda sad when i bid her goodbye but its for everyone good so i just wish her goodluck. How about you guys? How was your day?

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Dark Night

I was kinda frustrated when i got home and found out that our electric wire was hit by a panel. The result we dont have light last night although there was actually a brownout for few hours. Since, the panel didnt care at all about the incident we end up shouldering everything. Another unexpected expense for us since the wire is kinda expensive and we were advised to buy at least 40 meters. Gladly, we have a little excess despite the tight budget we have because of my sister scheduled for a trip tomorrow. Of course, taken consideration the connecting flights from Tacloban - Cebu and to Iloilo. Just thankful God is so good to us that we are given graces and blessings HE continouly pour on us.Going back, i do hope the service team would come the soonest since the mother is already on its way from the hardware store to buy the needed service drop.

At the other end, i had a good news from my love. He promised something for Christmas and im already excited for it. I will be having my Christmas shopping in Cebu because we will be meeting with my sister there. Im so excited roaming around the entire city and the brother promise to bring us at Simala. Ohh i love it there and i would love to experience an out of town tour.Anyway, i am just thinkin how time flies so fast. In few more weeks, we wll be welcoming another year. As we talked with my sister about our plans and future, we figured 2012 is a life changing year for us. Cant discuss the details yet but there will be some things that will be unfold and changed for the coming year. Its great to look forward things we always dream of. I am so happy that at last my sister is in its last phase of her journey. Her last few months of sacrifices is the turning point of all of our persevarance and tatay's hardwork, Its nice to think that my parents are succesful in shaping up and bringing up four children, which i knew it wasnt so easy after all. As with our journey, we had encountered turbulent times which at some point we wanna give up but as always each one us became united as we stand and face the trials. Now, we are few more steps to our destnation. WE have survived few harships and mishaps though i knew its not yet the end but it always brings a smile in my face how far we we;ve achieved so far.Im glad my parents are so supportive and didnt lose hope in giving us greener pasture. I hope we will all be worth of their sacrifices, tears, self pity, peoples judgement and of course i wish we deserve at their constant struggle for us. IN one way or another, i am also glad that there are people who have belittle us and put us down at some point because they made us where we are now and where we will be. It also serves us our inspiration and motivation in bringing up the best for the family. Funny, but at the end of the battle i figured we are on our way to the finish line. Thanks to our prayer and continous trust on God's guidance. At the end of the day, HE always deserves to be glorified for everything.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Busy Day

Yours truly is still not yet done with all my errands. Today im heading to a bank nearby to open an account and i do hope that it will just takes me few hours since i still need to do something else. My other agenda at downtown is to look for a footwear for the wedding and perhaps a clutch. The theme of the wedding is tangerine so i might be looking for a silver clutch or maybe a gold one, whichever pleases my eye. On the lighter side, my sister is already packing up and i feel sad knowing that she will already leave. It would be me and my brother that would be left at home. But because the brother will start to work soon, im trying to figure who will stay at the house as with the company of my mom. I knew i cant be with them most of the time so were thinking of having the niece stay for awhile. Did i mention that i am asking a neighbor to stay in my room at night. Yes, i bought another bed so that the little girls could sleep and join me in my room because of the scary experience i had few days. Well, for now allow me to do my errands first and wish me good luck in everything. Be safe guys.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its a Long yet Fulfilling Day

Its a long day for me because of so many things to do at the office yet i find it fulfilling. I've done sending the pics of Reanne and my mom's birthday to my partner and i just uploaded some at my account. Anyway, just awhile ago i am thinking as to how i can save with my communication expense. Im spending way too much on exchanging sms to my honey pie. I hope i could save a little. Although i dont call coz i will just text him and he will call immediately. We decided to stop our package that avails me for free texts and unlimited calls because the signal was so worst. There are times that i cant hear what he is saying and sometimes he would just call a different number. Right now, we are actually using a direct account from his phone and just imagine the expense of communicating and calling me few times a day. I knew he is not complaining but i want to do something so that we could save. Can anyone tell me whats the best option to communicate cheaply overseas?

Bothered and Worried

Last night after a long and great talk with my honey. He mentioned about his plan to share his stocks to his associates. The corporation he once built with sweat and labor has now boomed and turned into a multinational company with of course few share of stocks. At the start of building it, he saw no problem as with his teams and with the people working for him but now that it is earning and growing, his partners are a bit in different directions with him. He told me that he wanted to buy the share of his partners but they aren't that interested so he met up with some investors at LA for possible partnership. Now, he is planning to just sell his share and might as well build another company. I knew the skills and expertise of my man so im so confident that he will do it again this time. Goodluck honey.

Good Morning Wednesday

Im having my lunch break guys. I'm presently at work and attending to some backlogs. We have a new accountant so my work will be a bit lessen. Im happy today because my love called up on my way home. Ohh, im actually viewing my horoscope now and i cant help but smile. Its always a great day for me and i hope for you too guys. Be safe always.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Latest Share

As promised, here's a quick share with my Nanay's Birthday. 

Nanay and Tatay together for almost 30 years.

Im On Oats Now...

My grocery lists at present always includes few flavors of quacker oats. I also am buying oats cookies which is a good alternative than buying junk foods. So far, i have no complain with eating oats alone for dinner and i am really wanting to shed off fats before the big day. Today, i decided to buy a a liter of fresh milk so that my appetite would not suffer and in fairness, i love drinking the latter even at the middle of the night. Drinking such nutricious drink also boosts your digestive system making you so comfy and feeling good inside.I hope i could survive with the oats in few more days. Ohh well, its just few days now that i discover about the great and improved flavors of oats. I am now enjoying a serving of apple mixed with nuts and i also have banana, chocolate and strawberry flavor, Try it guys, for a change.

On Luxury Bedding..

How many times did you dream of a luxurious vacation? I bet its more than once, right? You want to experience a different ambiance, taste the place delicacy and sleep at a comfy and great mattress. Pardon me guys but thats actually one of the main reason why i love to check in at some hotels. I fancy of their great bed and shower at their fantastic private rooms. I am just grateful i was able to experience to be a traveler once in my life. There are times that i will be at the nearest big city and then went back at that same day while there couple of times where i was allowed to take a one night sleep at any of the hotel accredited to the company. If the set up is an overnight stay, my smile is from ear to ear because i would surely sleep in a super comfy bed using the most contemporary designs and arts in bed decorations. I often wondered how they were able to get such unique and amazing designs.

If i am just well off, i would love to have a luxury bedding. I want to experience and elevate my bedroom ideas using the finest materials available. I heard about the quality and amazing designs from Versai-La and i would love to try it the soonest. Ive heard from a friend that they have a plethora of fantastic selections from bedsheet, bed covers, luxury linens, comforters, pillow and a lot more. So if you are scouting for your bedroom needs then check out their online resources now.

Joyous and Blessed

Its another great day for me. I have so many reasons to be thankful of a blessed life. BUt of course, i want to have a special mention to my love for making my journey as blessed and as great as it is now. I was at the nearest mall the entire day. I bought few stuff for me and for my sister. I met a friend and she was also buying a new bag and its really fun meeting some past acquintances. Im thankful i was able to provide little things for my sister since she will be leaving this saturday already. I will surely miss her but again im just giving myself a little alleviation. I mean id like to think that this will just be for few months and that next year we will have a certified public accountant. Crossing our finger. Please pray for her and for all her endeavor.

Monday, November 14, 2011

LOve Thoughts

"Any girl can love a million boys, But it takes a great to love a man in a million ways."

Its been quite awhile since i last posted about my honey pie. So this time, i will give him a much deserved post about him. Im sure you would complain how i so much talk about my man. I admit i am and i will always do because ill never get tired of shouting to the world how i found i great man. Im really so attached to this man and honestly i never loved this way before. Its my first time to be treated like a princess, to be pleased everyday and to be respected like i want to be. He is the only man who have accepted the entirety of me and made me feel secured and love. I am never stressed with the relationship and i just find myself happy and with peace of mind everyday. BUt of course one thing that made me so attached to him is the fact that he didnt made me a second option. Always, he will make sure that i am having the best of him and everything he has. Ohhh, im getting so senti. Anyway, i love you so much honey.

Finding a Broker Dealer

Managing our finances is something that should be the topmost of our priority. We should never depend on the present but instead think ahead. Consider the future and things that will be happening if what you foresee didnt materialize. I'd like to think that people seems to enjoy fully what is grasp in their present hands but failed to consider what will hapeen when they look out of sight. If you think you have excess then better save some for rainy days. Thats what they're telling me eversince but because im a certified spender i never and didnt ever listen to my friends. But i had set aside savings account for my future use but still was not enough especially if im in the mood to shop. I am a risk taker and i am not afraid to take another road because i do believe that sometimes happiness cannot be grasp easily. You have to experiment and you have to take both roads. I came into a point where the road that i took seems to be a little roughy compared to the previous roads that i was taking. At first, i was kinda hesitant to accept things because i knew i will struggle. Nonetheless, i keep my faith intact and focus on my goals. It was quite hard to take diverse roads but it was all worth it. I realised i am competitive and i am thankful that i did the choice because i will never be as happy and contented as i am today if im not brave enough to face the reality.

Oh well, our finances will always change. Sometimes you have enough while there are days where you cant even buy for your own meal. What a disgrace but lets face it, its the reality. So for people out there who are quite in excess of their finances and wanna try some investments then its about time to consider a Broker dealer. You can find the best independent broker dealers at some online resources and im sure they are the best in the field and theyre professional expertise would surely bring yoour investment into a hype.However, if you want to try an Independent broker dealer, you can also do that and i urge you to ask your friends help for their recommendations.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Essence of Keyword Insertion

There are numerous ways to monetize your site. If you mean money then the net will give you an abundant ways to earn. There are those who pay you for review, placing links and of course the most popular is through advertisement. As with the latter, you can have all the options to give way to some ads in your site. You can accept paid insertion, image of the advertiser, a review post and at some instance you can put specific keywords perfectly suited for your target markets. Ive read once about the essential of keywords on boosting page rank and of course in getting the right appeal for your SEO market. Ive came in terms how to carefully choose the best keywords so as to attract highly pages in the search engine. Admit it guys, having a good rank at the engine tools is a big accomplishments and will of course boosts your traffic.

Recently, i came into realization of the importance of dynamic keyword insertion. It is actually responsible to build highly relevant landing pages which is very important especially if you aim of good traffic. If you want to avail of the latter then its high time to consider getting a dynamic keyword insertion plugin. It gives you minimal effort and of course rapid deployment of hundres of pages, isnt it amazing? Oh well, i knew youre asking about your wordpress site. Then this is for you. You can also avail of dynamic keyword insertion for Joomla and Wordpress . If you want to acieve immediate top rank site and of course receive a relevant traffic then there's no way you can achieve that the soonest except if you avail of a keyword service.

Where to Get the Best Hair Salon Furniture

The other day i was with my sister for window shopping. I tag my sister for malling because i want to see the latest trends and styles at the mall. I was looking for a new bag and footwear thats why i decided to check on and compare to where ill buy my stuff. When we were on the midst of walking, we take a second look on a salon located just at the second floow of the mall. I was astonished at their high tech facilities and beauty enhancement procedures. I was also amazed at the hair salon furniture because of its elegant and sophisticated look. I noticed that the designer of the salon is a minimalist. They opt to take this theme to show some elegance on the reputations and of course of the kind of service that will be expected from the said beauty treatment center.

When i inquire and check out their packages. I cant help but admire the salon styling chairs coz its not your ordinary chair you see at a typical haircut center. They are clean and i guess they're just newly purchase.I realised its important to have a stunning hairdressing salon furniture because its also shows and provides impressions to the customers. Anyway, the valuable inputs ive seen from that visit gave me few tips on how to decorate a studio apartment. A friend just recently invest on studio apartment so she needs my utmost help.

Victorious Sunday

The triumphant Filipinos is im sure all smile because our very own Manny Pacquio has won again on his recent rematch. I watched live so i was able to know the result. I bet it was a hard fight for the boxing champ as evident on how it lasted for twelve rounds. I love it when its Manny's fight because there is less crime and people opt to stay at their respective home. I remember two years ago, i was in Cebu because we stayed there for few days with my honey and when Sunday came, most of the cabs are nowhere to be found. Its very quiet and my honey was surprised how the scenario of the place turned suddenly into a quite village. Now he know why Filipinos are fanatic with boxing. I am too and im so proud that the country became well known because of Manny.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Apple Trees at my Garden

My dream house is just an average house with a garden and a huge lawn. I am a home buddy person so i want my nest area to be something that would give me a positive ambiance. I love to have a garden too because i love being sorrounded by flowers and of course i would love to pick my fruits and vegetables at the backyard. When i accompany a friend to their home. I was amazed at their house. It was just made of a simple bamboo tree but they have beautiful flowering plants on their front and a garden at their backyard, She told me that they dont go to the market to get some vegetables because they have their own garden which has complete assortments of basic vegetables.

If my budget permits, i would love to have bamboo plants at my backyard because they give shades to the entire area. I love to sit down and relaz under a large shaded trees because the air is kinda refreshing. I dream to have a variety of fruit trees in my backyard especially some apple trees. I love eating apple guys so it really make sense on me having them at the other side of the house. Oh well, im getting so serious on here. When can i have this dream house? Hopefully soon.

On Medical Bed

Did i tell you guys that we were at the hospital last night because my aunt needs an utmost medical attention? She had been staying at the house for a week because we decided to give her comfort and care. For few days, we observed that she doesnt want to eat her meal despite the fact that we want her to choose what food to eat and whatever she wants. The other day, i bought a banana flavored oatmeal and when i tasted it, i find the food really palatable however when my aunt tasted it, she rejected the oats and she opt not to finish the entire serving. I was kinda frustrated as to best care her when she cant even taste her food. Yesterday, she asked me if i could bring her to the doctor. Since mom and my other siblings were attending the wedding, i told her to wait for awhile coz im going to contact an ambulance. So far, we were able to bring her to the nearest hospital and she was given the quickest medical attention. She underwent few laboratory tests including a test on her urine, blood and lungs.

Afterwhich, she was detained at the emergency room section for observation. While waiting for the doctors advice, i noticed the hospital's medical bed at its obsolete condition, Some were old and rusty while the rest a little bit damaged. Nonetheless, i saw some rooms which was under construction and in fact i was glad to see some motorized wheelchairfor free usage in case a patient needs it. While looking for their pharmacy section to buy some diapers for adults, i noticed an old man which was rushed to the emergency room for some reasons. I feel pity of the man's condition and i really cant help being emotional. I cry while the doctor is giving him an oxygen and doing something to restore his breathing. At the end, he didnt survived the procedure despite the team's effort of restoring his breath. The night ended with a tired and exhausted me.

Nanay's Birthday

Today is the birthday of my mom and luckily i was able to give her a birthday bash. Its not a secret that ive been spending left and right expenses this week but it didnt stop us from giving her a small birthday party. I again hosted another party and although i am a but tired with everything that we are going through, with my man's help we were able to give her a small present. I wish i can share with you guys my mom's cake that i ordered awhile ago. Its chocolate supreme and i love how it was personalised for us.

On the other end, i shop again and i am going crazy coz i know i have to put some limitations in my shopping habit. But guys, if you just saw my receny buy you will surely feed your eyes with extreme envy. I bought a nice blouse, a red stunning footwear and an elite bag. I said to myself that i will pamper myself till i drop and i did. I promise not to shop next week until the end of this month. I figure out i need an extra cabinet for all my stuff.

Friday, November 11, 2011

So Many THings To Do...

I still have so many things to do and online tasks to finish. I have deadlines today that needs my utmost attention. I promise to give my blog time today coz i dont want to slip on my hand an augment on my account. On the other hand, its been few days that i am having a hard time sleeping and it really gave me headache for few days. I told my love about whats going on and he told me to make it easy and maybe try to figure out how to deal with it in a simpler sense. Anyway, today is friday and it means the end of working days. Thank God we are off on Saturday so i have time for recreation and other social things to do. I still have so many things to visit and attend to. I need to visit my friends house for gown fitting and need to attend the burial of a former professor.

Yay, ive been dealing with a lot of stuff lately and i wish i could finish all my errands for the week. By the way, a neighbor whose civil wedding is set today has finally come into reality. Im happy for this friend that she had finally made their marriage vows. On the lighter note, its been a great day for me. I have so many online tasks and tomorrow is my moms birthday. Thank God for all the blessings and of course thanks to the apple of my heart for bringing out the great things in me. Life is really good. Be safe everyone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Errands Day

I was off from work as i give way to my offline errands. It was a long day for me. I bought a gift for my parents as they are the sponsor for tomorrow's wedding. After which. i settled my loves' request and headed on to the bank. Lastly, i had my grocery because our cabinet is almost empty. I cant believe it i just bought our pantries last saturday and its just few days and yet i coudnt see any pack at all. Thank God, my love sent my weekly allowance and i settled most of my expenses. Another thing to celebrate, i had few shares of my recent shopping porfolio and on top of it is an amazing bag i was eyeing at the mall. Today, i didnt think twice and get it. Im a fan of this reputable brand and i use most of this brand for office wear. I have few collections of branded and elite bags in my cabinet. I was given channel by a business partner and a friend handed me her Prada. I have two bags which are really for keepsake while the rest are locally made. I decided to give to some of my friends few of my bag collections which has no dust bag because it was just being played around by my insect friends. While the rest of those who has their respective dust bags are just kept at bag space ready for wear once the user is in the mood.

Bags are indeed a womans friend but i realised its never been a good investment not unless you have pricey and reputable bags like Channels, Prada, Hernes among others but if youre bag is a locally made, i tell you it will just be turned into a playground space once you will not use it in a regular basis. At least, bags would be a friend once you are a socially inclined individual or a career woman. Most of my friends are bag fanatic and in one of my visit in Cebu. I was fascinated about her growing collections. It really feeds my eyes.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Find Your Love

Finding someone who would complete the puzzle is entirely not an easy task. In fact, people who search for love most likely cant find what they're looking for but those who just waited suddenly just woke up and find the love of their life. Its quite amazing to think that in this journey someone would love us like what we want to be loved. Someone would accept us and embrace our imperfections. A man who would protect us like no one else could and of course the right person who could just make things rights. Sounds magical, but yes love is magic. It takes a real deal to really find the one person who would just transform things into something that you wouldn't expect and it takes real magic for someone to accept the ugliest in us.

I came into a point where i hate love and give up on it. I told myself to just stop searching for it and maybe at one point i was at the edge of not believing in its magic but suddenly things fell differently and before i knew it, i was smiling ear to ear because of a special person who came into my life and touch it like no one else could. I came to know him by chance and the door just opened up through a dating site. I never believe in how these dating site works effectively but it does and i am a living proof of how it gives magic into my life. True enough, it isn't easy to find a dating site that will really gives you what you expect in such sites. Some would just use you and worst take advantage of you. That is why its very essential to just join a site wherein dating is fun. If you are in a look out for love then i can recommend one. Join some free online dating sites that has proven track records in dating. Choose a site that has positive feedback's and proven customer satisfaction. I remember one which my friend recommends when she was browsing for sites that offers dating in Springfield and when she join one, she absolutely find the real deal and in few months she has found the right partner.

Indeed, its great listening to successful love stories. Nonetheless, if you are really searching for the right partner then there's no wrong in trying out at some online dating sites. Always, experience is a case to case basis.

He is Sick

I couldn't help but worried about my love being not so well until today. Last night when he called up, i could sense already him having an allergy. I told him to take some med and still he is feeling so ill today. I wish im there to take good care of him. To my honey, please do take good care of yourself. I cant picture life without you and you know im so worried. I love you so much.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Korean Businessman Donates his Wealth

"I'm no longer interested in making money but in how to spend it," Han said. "These days I'm thinking about social responsibility activities all the time."

In addition to his personal donation, Han said he plans to boost his culture fund based in Japan to 140 billion won and an education fund to 10 billion won, which he initiated last year in his hometown of Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province.

Above is an excerpt from yahoo news. I was amazed by this article so i end up posting it here. Indeed, good Samaritan are everywhere. For the record, this Korean businessman ranks 17th in Forbes richest person in Korea. How great it is to know that there is such kind person who have huge heart and sincere motives for peace and poverty alleviation. A salute to you sir!

Happy Tuesday

I'm back to work and as of this writing I'm finishing various stuff to meet their respective deadlines. For few days enjoying the company of friends and family, i suddenly missed work so i am having a great time enjoying every inch of it. As ive mentioned, i still have so many things to do today yet i don't know where to start. Hopefully, i can finish all my errands and online tasks on time. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Advantage of Sports Scheduling Software?

I could still remember the time where my sister was in chaos doing all the sports activities she needs for their Summer Festival. I was there when she was handling some meetings and patiently dealing with various stuff amidst pressures from her detractors. At a certain point, i backed her off financially because the funding is still not yet released. The hassles created by merely organizing an event is pretty tough and exhausted. How much more if there are fault finder people who would step in at the course of the activities and do something to just make the event unsuccessful. Pretty disgusting, right? but it does happen and it really do happen to my sister to the point that theres confrontation at the awarding day. Nonetheless, i pity the woman doing the trick because of stupidity. She didnt think harder to make her plan succesful. She does it with no common sense and a product of elementary thinking. Anyway, if ever you encounter such kind of person the best thing to do is to prove to them that you will be succesful in any endeavor. Thats what my sister does and in fairness she has handled the sports league management pretty well. It should have been easier if she availed of sports scheduling software coz it would lessen her workload and burden. Interested as to where you can find a sports scheduling software? Then go visit the net for some valuable inputs about the latter.

Scary and Busy Weekend

As early as today i am fixing my schedule as to where i could do the errands of my love while putting some consideration not to sacrifice my work schedule. I need to go back to work by tomorrow because i have plenty of things to finish. However, my partner called up and he wanted to arrange something on his behalf so i need to give that my outmost priority. I wish im not tired and exhausted after a busy weekend and here i am again trying to meet all of my deadlines and errands. I will settle some bills and expenses tomorrow thats why i am worried how i can attend to all those stuff. But for now, i am just thankful that i have someone who backs me off on everything. Thats enough reason to wake up and do my daily routines.

On the other hand let me share with you some terrible things that happened lately to me. My aunt is actually at the house now for she needs a medication badly. I was waiting for my love's call last night when i saw someone a sneaking at the window where my aunt is sleeping. I already heard few gossips about some stuff i cant disclose but it was really weird seeing her there at the midst of the night. I end up crying and my nerve was shaking because of the scary picture that ive seen. Gladly, my family provided me emotional support so that i can sleep my bothered mind. I woke up late this morning but too late because my parents confronted the woman already. I saw disbelief on some people upon hearing the news but i knew deep within myself what i saw and for that im betting my credibility at stake. Up until now, i still have little thoughts about what had happened. I wish its all not true. I wish i havent seen her but because i am a living proof about the mystery of her being. I would remain true and transparent about what my naked eyes have seen. Im scared of the possible things that will happen but i knew God is with me and no evil can be as high as my God. That is what im holding on. My faith is strong and thats enough for now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quote for the Day

"Id rather live a simple life than pretend i have everything"

I got this reqouted from my readings lately and i truly love it. This is self explanatory and true enough people cant hide everything no matter how you pretend so hard. Isnt it great to live a simple life and be contented with what you have though sometimes those who claim to have had are those that dont have and those who claim to be the other are those that have. I love the story behind this quote and i couldnt help thinking of somebody else. It gives me a smile how it best fits for her because like the lady this quote is intended for, she does portrays someone as closely related as the receiver of the quote. I knew who you've been thinking guys? Yeah, its her but i dont have agenda of meddling to their respective issues.

On Acting Auditions...

Just recently i am in close watch about a family feud turned killings. The suspect is just a sibling of the victim and worst they're the sons and daughter of a well-known political and celebrity figure. I am disgusted how those once sibling rivalry turned to be a serious problem that worst made the mom clueless about such incidents. I pity the mother for being blind about her kids social and personality disorder, I do use disorder because once an attitude became so worst it cannot be seen as a typical attitude problem but rather something that should be treated by psychological rep.I didnt expect that the younger woman is capable of doing the crime. She lied to the police authority and issued different statement when found out by the authorities.As of this writing, the latter has just flew to Hingkong maybe to save a little shame for herself but of course knowing how the case is so much publicized, her face can never be kept from public scrutiny.

Ohh well, did i mentioned that their clan is one of the showbiz legends that is highly respected in the industry. The victim's father is a former senator and celebrity who was once tagged as the playboy in the limelight. I noticed too that the suspect being dragged in the case has a potential face in showbiz. She has the charm and the appeal and im sure she wll pass on acting auditions. I wish she just try to be a celebrity than keeping track at his brother accomplishments. Sometimes, its not so good to become insecure coz it really creates an evil deeds. Its just nice to become humble and friendly, Thats where successful and blessed people came from, right? Just take an easy paddle guys. Dont take trials seriously. It will just give you wrinkles and ugly acne. You will look old and disgusting. On the other end, if you will just create a peaceful enviroment with less hatred and gossiping then im sure you will look younger and refreshing. Bear that in mind guys.

Try Manhattan Hair Transplant'

Our hair is one of our best asset. Dont you remember how your crush made an eye appealing look at your stunning hair when you met the other day? Ohh, common you noticed how those good looking guys gracefully see your hair from roots to tips. Indeed, a great hair deserves a second look. No wonder that most women today avail of hair treatments so just to give their hair a different edge. I am personally not an exemption in being vain and my hair loves to be pampered whenever i have extra budget. Just recently, i made a quick treatment to it because i want to make it healthy despite the medicine that was applied on it when i had my rebond session. Maintaining a healthy strand is not easy as you need to have the right medicine and proper care.

If im just as well-off as some celebrity, i will surely love to give my hair a manhattan hair transplant. I heard good praises about such hair transplant and its indeed as amazing as new jersey transplant and pennsylvania hair transplant. Oh well, why dont you just give your hair a different lift? Tired of those itchy and ugly strand then maybe you need a professional care. Trust your strand to the expert to have a healthy and iron free lift

Happy Birthday my dearest nephew. As our present to the kid, my love hosted a small birthday party for her and truly, its one of the most memorable day of her life. I knew its quite tiring preparing for some party needs but its all worth it knowing how we can put her a great smile. This kid is so close the family that i even take her as my own daughter. I provide her with almost everything she needs from schooling to her daily needs. I may not be the best person in this world but i knew somehow in my life ive been a good woman to the eye of this kid. Happy Birthday dear. Funny but i havent experienced a party like her but now this kid almost experience great memories. Im proud to say that she is quite lucky to have experienced somehow a fun childhood. Im thankful that i have a man as understanding as he is. He would love to pamper her to the fullest. From giving her allowance, nice weekends and even providing for her tuitorial. Now we have so many expenses in lined but hopefully we could settle it the soonest. To my man, i love you so much. I cant wait to be wait with you in few more months.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Browse on Superchip

A great life for me portrays something that is more of material possessions. Its about waking up one morning feeling good about yourself or maybe having a total peace of mind. Luxury is big part of this material world and honestly speaking the temptation behind it is so strong that oftentimes we had hard time fighting it. Who doesnt want a good life? Of course we dream of living in a mansion, driving our own car and even having a fairy tale inspired story where we want us to become the princess and lived happily ever after. Sadly, the reality is sometimes painful that waking up from our dreams means a big disappointment to our face and feel frustrated. As dreams is never guarantee so its always right to keep our feet on the ground. Never step down on other people shoe and its a no no to ever judge them for what we've seen coz when lifes twist happen you will finally just realize eating out your own words. How ironic it is but it does happen. For instance, you always rant against someone because you think she is the most awful person you have ever seen but when you finally experienced sudden downfall and be at the person shoe. I knew that the most painful thing that will happen into your life. Dont get me wrong but it does happen and before you knew it you will just wake up eating and swallowing your own words.

However, destiny is not always about sad ending there are also dreams that are realized and fulfilled. For instance, you dream to have your own car and suddenly was granted to you. How great the feeling of having a wish granted, right? For your future car use, you should check out j2534 and superchip. These are accessories for you car tuner needs and dont forget to check out too Superchips VIVID. One of the most sought after car parts.

Saturday Update

As ive mentioned, im busy preparing a small party for my niece. Despite me being lazy to run few errands, i dont have choice but to go to the nearest city to buy the stuff she needs. She will have her party tomorrow afternoon and its all courtesy of my beloved love. She has been a spoiler and i cant thank God enough for giving us a great man. I told him yesterday that we could just have a family celebration or i could just bring her to a fastfood chain but then he insisted that we would give her a birthday bash. Ohh well, i knew how i make a hole in his pocket lately but always he would tease me to just keep quiet and enjoy. He doesnt like it when im worried but i always do whenever he wasted his money for nothing. I mean i know i should be glad for having a man as caring and as thoughtful as he is but i just want to put his money to something that is useful and important. Hmmm, sounds like im becoming a good girl now. I knew i am.hehehe. Enjoy the weekend guys.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hawaii Travel Deals

If money is no object, how are you going to spend your days now? Ohh well, im sure you're thinking about the nicest place you ever saw on television or maybe you are on fancy about those great beaches that your friend told you last month. Yes, guys having a needed break is on everyone's wish list. We want to be on a romantic city or maybe step our feet at some of the historical places we've known. Dreaming for an adventure is most likely one of our wishes on this life. However because most of us are not given the financial liberty we wish we have thus we settle on just local adventure that are certainly affordable.

Indeed, destiny is never certain and who knows this year you will be on Paris or maybe in Hawaii. Ohh, how i love the beaches and truly the hotels at Hawaii are certainly enticing. I saw one time Hawaii travel deals on the net and i often wish to be book or avail such luxury travel. But if ill surely be given the chance to spend some adventure then ill surely contact the hawaii travel agency the soonest or check out Waikiki travel online. IM sure i will be the happiest girl in the world if i can travel in my dream destination. Just like yours, im waiting for my perfect time.

Why You Should Avail of Supply Chain Consulting?

Having a business doesnt mean that you can live a great life neither it tells you to stop struggling. At one end, investing on a certain product or services just mean that you have to double your effort to prove to the world that you are capable of standing on your own feet. The life of businessmen didnt come as easy as you've thought. They worked it with sweat and countless effort to finally attain a status we all sough after.BUt of course its nice to think that youre the boss and that you can do everything you want and spend it with anything that pleases you. However, every actions have its corresponding consequence and be wise always in spending your hard earned money.

Nonetheless, if you want to make your business in a new heights then its time to check out some valuable inputs as to how you make the most of your investment. Sometimes, it does work reading some professional advise as how they do things and maybe it will give you some tips and hints to make make your business as profitable as you want it to be. Thus, if its still not working then dont fret out there are still other options you can avail of like availing of supply chain consulting. THis kind of consulting firm eases out your headaches against operation exceptions and thereby manages some key centers that would surely alleviate the burden from your hands. In one way or the other, supply chain management provides their expertise on your company so that your business would be handled the way a professional and skilled manager supervise an organization. The main advantage you can get from this firm is availing of supply chain strategy to address supply chain solutions. It is i guess imperative in any business to try fresh ideas like availing such kind of consulting options so as to experience a new business endeavor that would surely bring you in a new edge.

They're Busy

Im still lazy by now to go somewhere. We just sort out the invitations ready for distribution and since i need to go to downtown for the grocery i need to prepare myself soon. However, my period makes me lazy to be somewhere else. My other siblings is still busy with their respective business. My younger brother is processing his requirement for a new job while my sister is preparing her luggages for her coming trip. Our best time to do prepare all this stuff is by tommorrow and hopefully i could finish all my onlines tasks today coz im sure i cant make a good review tomorrow and on Sunday. Im already excited about the coming birthday party of the kid and i sort of feel envy because she was able to have a birthday party while on my time i didnt have one. Well, i am always thankful to God for making me an instrument of fulfilling someone's else wish and of course to my love for being a great and wonderul partner. I wonder what i did to deserve such bountiful blessings coz the last time i knew i did nothing except to wish. Ohh well, maybe i did something good to deserve a especial treat from my God. Right?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Amazing Find on Motorcycle Battery

My brother who is a motorcyle addict asked me one time to buy him one. Ive promise to do so with one condition. I knew how motorcyle play a key rule for accessibility purpose but on one end, im afraid of the possiblity of being on the midst of accident because of some reckless drivers. For a man, i guess having a wheel can add some points to their charm and appeal but i wouldnt let any wheel drive be the cause of any untoward incident to my loved ones (God Forbid).

Nonetheless, its still worth to say that motorcyles are extremely important especially if your home is far away from commercial centers and that you need to visit some in a regular basis. Thus, a motorcyle can never be called an essential part of life if not of the motorcycle battery. You may consider it as just a mere accessory or maybe just cramped in a small piece but it is the life of the motorcycle. To check some relevant tips in getting a high end product. You must read some valuable inputs on motorcycle batteries at a plethora of online resources. You may check out too discount batteries at some online stores to avail of good savings. Indeed, its very important to troubleshoot your own motorcycle and get the right products especially designed for your wheels.

An Interactive Robotic Toy

While typing this post, i am enjoying a serene and melodic christmas song that really reminds me of my Christmas days before. I am always a fan of Santa and the kid in me comes out whenever the holiday season is approaching. I do remember putting socks and praying to Santa Clause during my younger days. On Christmas Eve we will check the socks that we hang to know if Santa has dropped by and check our presents. I was very delighted whenever i received candies and other kid stuff. The following day i will brag with my playmates the gifts that Santa gave to me. Ohh well, my smile is from ear to ear whenever i remember those days and when i found out that it was just my mom putting those candies and gifts for me. However, despite the fact that i knew already who is the real Santa, it didnt stop me from believing on the magic of Christmas. This explains why i always made it a point to make the celebration extra memorable.

Christmas season will never be complete without the Christmas tree, candies, parties and even the lavish foods. Shoppers always flocked at malls for their gift giving activity and of course for their godchildren. I observed most of these shoppers go to the toy section to look for an amazing and affordable deal on toys. Well, if you are one of those fellow who is in need of a toy for christmas gift then i have a great news for you. You dont need to spend your day weighing which of those finds is a perfect but since i bet your nephew or niece perhaps would love to have fijitfriends. They are robot toys that has the ability to dance, talk and follow a voice command. Isnt it amazing? Another thing, fijit friends can also recognize different kind of music and even perform dance moves. Well, they also laugh when you tickle them and respond to your joke. I knew you wanted to know where you can buy such toys. Worry no more coz you can shop it at fijitshop.

A Kiddie Party

Good morning, everyone! I woke up with a great smile and i wouldnt let the day pass without sharing the positive vibes. Last night, my hubby surprised me of a great news and it gave me a great sleep, indeed. We will be giving my nephew a kiddie party and my partner being a spoiler is such a blessing to the family. He is so sweet this past few days that my heart melts big time. I knew im going to be busy this coming days but please bear with me as im going to share some updates and drop by at your blog whenever i have ample time. Today, i am going to scout for some party need stuff and maybe drop by at some bakeshop to check out their birthday cakes. I hope your day is as good as mine, take care guys.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Take Advantage of the Best Credit Card Deals

Being a woman offers both an advantage and sort of drawbacks. First off, i observed so many physical inequalities as far as both genders are concered. Maybe, this is so because one must be submissive and the other rule. In any case, there are certain things a woman can fully enjoy. For instance, its only us that can rear a chil and men have no options but to marry a woman for him to have a kid, right? On the other end, vanity is a woman's friend, agree girls? Just check out their bags and you will find an abundant kits and other accessories. Well, my bag contains such stuff so i can relate, wink!

Anyway,being beautiful requires effort and money. If you dont have enough budget yet you aspire to become the apple of the eye of a guy then you should be worry because theres no such thing as free lunch. Beauty products are everywhere and the range from pricey to cheap products is an everyday temptation. Thus, if you belong to a status where you can afford pricey beauty kits then youre a lucky girl, indeed. Im sure you have the liberty to shop and buy anything you want. Speaking of shopping, what do you normally use? Are you using your credit card or you use cash most often. As for me, i use both but i normally transact with cash this recent days. Im lucky that i have the best card company coz i can bring it anywhere ill be. Its a friend on travel and a companion during your crises days. A month ago, a friend ask for a coffee talk because she wanted to discuss about the best credit cards that she wants me to avail. I knew this is a typical scenario especially if you are already a card holder. She told me there are few business credit cards that offers low interest and free annual charge for the first year. The news excites me of course but then i knew sometimes sales agents have sweet toungue. Hopefully not this time ocz i want to avail of best credit card deals if i find his offer truly enticing.

Anyway, i still have to think about this. I guess its enough that i have one card, whats the use of having many when i cant use it all.

Am I Addicted to Love?

You Are Logical About Love

You don't have anything against love, but you're not about to let it take over your life.

You only fall in love when it's right. You listen to your head - not your heart.

You know that love can hurt, and you protect yourself. You don't fall too quickly or too deeply.

You understand that love and infatuation are two different things. You never mistake a crush for true love.

Unified Green Fundraising

The recent facts tells us how devastated our present environmment. Enviromental protection is now a must that of a mere option. Its time to act now and start doing your share of protecting Mother Nature. Lets not wait for a catastrophe before we can realize what we need to do and our obligations. Let us remember that we live in this world not to spoil our environment but to take good care of them so that we can pass a better world to the next generation.

I do remember a tragic flooding that killed thousands of lives because of lack of enviromental concern. The people on that area just cut trees, care nothing for the forest, disrespect the marine life and other things that worsen the life of this globe. Well, the ending was worst than expected and for now let it served as a lesson of our social and environmental obligations. If you want to partake, then involve yourself in green fundraising movements or contribute green fundraising ideas. THis little ways will surely bring a huge difference. Indeed, a small step on environmental fundraisingwill only begin if you take the initiative, right? An environmental cause will never be succesful unless each one of us contribute and help. What about you, when will you start caring for Mother Nature?

Rainy Day

THis day i decided to go to downtown instead of roaming around at the nearest mall. I am looking for a clutch and accessories for the wedding. Despite of the rain and my lazy butt, i decided to pursue my plan since our work will resume tomorrow and i still need to buy some personal stuff. Gladly, i was able to do all my agenda and had my grocery after which. We arrived late this afternoon and thank God my sister didnt complain for a long day.

I was planning to buy some decors but because i have my monthly visitor now and it ruined my mood, i decided to just buy the things i badly need. After a long day, here i am updating my portal for some updates. Hope you enjoy the day guys!

Steel Cabinets for your Home

I have dozens of improvement plans for our house unfortunately my sister is our priority this time. However, it doesnt stop me from doing some canvass if in any case ill have excess budget. To start with, i want to add some beautification to my room. I already hate the dull and boring color that i am having now. I want something that will reflect my personality and somehow a color that would brightens my day as soon as i wake up in the morning. Another thing i am planning is to have steel cabinets because my present drawer cannot anymore accommoddate my personal belongings. I want to have a customized shoerack and stylish steel storage cabinets if the budget is not that big. I observed that this year alone my dresser is becoming too small with all the dresses and clothes i added every month.

Knowing how shopaholic i am, i can definitely occupy even the largest .flammable storage cabinet But this is just my way of treating myself after being so hardworking. Shopping is not bad for as long as you spend within your budget but if you think you go beyond your limit or you dont have excess then dont attempt to buy what your eye is craving instead make up your mind and buy whats important. Gladly, i have a responsible father who buys everything at home and my role is to just add whatever is lacking although i do spare with our everyday needs. But with my brother staring to work soon, im sure i will have plenty of excess especially that im enjoying a generous reward from my online tasks.

Dealing with Diabetes

The health and wellness of a person is very essential because one cannot do anything if he is ill. My uncle who is presently suffering from Diabetes is very ill for few years. The family has a history for such so we are always advised to take precautionary measures. IN fact, as early as now i always measure my sugar intake and minimizae too much sweets if possible.

I hate to admit it but there will indeed come a time where our body will be prone to illness and diseases. We will not be forever young so we chould take good care of our health as early as this time.I heard few times about how Diabetes has ruined one's health and i dont want to deal with it in the future. Although some of my relatives has pre diabetes symptoms but im sure that they will be remedied once they take proper medical attention. Having no feet is the worst scenario once you become diabetic and i hope its not yet too late to do something else. BUt with the modern way of treating the latter especially that there are herbal suppliments made favorably for diabetic patient. Im sure the worry and burden of clan who has history of such will be lessen. In no time, with proper care and right suppliments, the fight for diabetes will come to an end.

Got a Surprise...

Its indeed a great day for me. I was awakened by a text from my love and i was surprise of his sweet gesture. I texted him why he just sent it for no reason. He said he wants me to enjoy the day and shop. Isnt he too sweet? I never expect a shopping spree today but i just did and im just thankful to my ever dearest love for pampering me so much. I will be off later to scout for a footwear for my bestfriends wedding. Just in time too coz i need to add more grocery for the week. Thats what im saying guys, God has its marvelous way of rewarding his faithful servants. wink!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Even if it is a very tiny act of goodness and you think no one notices, God notices. Always remember that one little act of kindness can tilt the balance of an entire situation. One little act of kindness can ripple out in countless ways that you many never know about.

Sometimes, we may not know how our little help can save life. We have so many options in life and sharing even with those little things that we have can sometimes brightens one's day. Continue to live a great life.