Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It doesnt makes sense!

When i was asked by my friend, how i am doing right now, i really blushed because i knew im not and still coping up, how could i be ok, when at night it came to my thought how they made me stupid, you know what, i have discovered that, when our relationship starts, he was already in a relationship. I dont know why God designed to meet our path, because i knew how i was so sincere in our relationship and in everything between us but then things didnt came up that way. Somehow, i respect his decision, but i cant accept why he did this to me, all i just want from the start is for him to be honest, and i knew it was so impossible..Right now, i took the road less travelled coz somehow i should have started dating and going out but i choose to be heal, i choose to mend the pain in the simpleast way possible.
I hope he would be happy for choosing her, thu things were not quite fine, i still wish for them a happy life ahead. I knew someone else is for me, who will love me truelly.
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