Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer Outing

I will be off tomorrow until sunda because its our annual summer outing to be held at naval biliran. We are actually busy today preparing for the things we will bring and packing everything. The beach resort will actually be exclusive for us and we will have island hopping right after. We prepared 3 lechons and fruits too, since Ormoc is very popular for pineapple, we bring along with us the queen pineapple, which the sweet one.,we also bring liquors, take note we have 3 boxes of liquors, 4 bottles of wine, a water dispenser, chips, chocos, dressed chicke - almost 2 crates, slice bread, cassave cake, crabs, big fish, paper plates and cups, and a lot more.
haaaaay, seems its like a fiesta their, ill upload our pics,promise.

Manny Pacquio Arrives

The pound to pound best boxer of the world arrives at his homplace this 6:30 am, despite the advice of DOH not to follow his original sched due to swine flu, however he pursue his flight back to the Philippines. After his arrival, A thankgiving mass was held at Quiapo church which was mobbed by supporters and fans. Indeed Manny is the greatest boxer that ever exist, but the pride that he has given to the Philippines is much more that what we have expected.
Proud to be a Filipino once more!

Been touched

I am so touched by the comment of fanzy princess, despite the loneliness and the pain that i have right now, i feel relieved by reading her message, indeed it helps when you air out all your burdens because the advices from friends will surely be a big help, thanks girl for the nice comment...
heres her comment:

"I've definitely been in your shoes. It was so hard to let go when I loved so much and never understood why the love couldn't be returned. But eventually I let go. Now it was a excruciating process especially when you still have so much love left to give but I had to do it. Now I am in the best relationship I have ever been in and my partner and I love each other very much. I am sure if you give you self that chance, In God's best time, you will find that someone for you too.Don't know if you like R&B but it usually helps me through my tough time. "Never Ever" by Ciara is a good one about this situation.Hope you feel better lady :)"