Thursday, June 17, 2010


Teenage days are gone, those times where we just dont get serious of life.,not mindful of lifes standards and social stigma, after all what we care much was play and all those penny stuff we like to have. Friends are all that matters to us then, going for basketball, signing those funny slum notes, sharing foods with friends, camping and all those first times. First heartaches, first kiss and even those who first hooked by cupids arrow. How funny! those times when we are in a hurry to grow big just to buy our own stuff and even lied about our age just to make our crush know that we are already big, big girl.hehhe. I remember too my times, my funny moments when i was a little younger, i remember a friend who was so close to me, she had his first bf without the knowledge of her parents sinc her parents are too strict we just made it a secret between ourselves, they usually have their dates during our afternoon off and we were also included in their dates, free snacks for us too. They planned to have a date by saturday, since we donat have a class then, we think of a good reason to paved their way out. She told her parents that we will be going to downtown with me and a good friend of ours too. But what actually happend was, their going to meet at the market and the guy will accompany us to the city, so the planned happened exactly as expected, the problem arises on our way home when we saw her parents as were at the highway waiting for a jeep, so what we did we ride a different jeep without our knowledge that it will not pass by in our place, the ending we walked like 2 kilometers to our place.How funny, thats the child in us.

A Thing Called "MARRIAGE"

MY morning was hooked up with the TV show from the prime network, and the guest was the famous celebrity who happened to marry a pastor, and when she was asked hows her life going on after the wedding, i am really so amazed of how the girl's eyes sparks when she told her recent discoveries about the guy she commited herself for a lifetime. Yes, there were incompatibilities accoring to her and she even not deny it that though his man is near perfect and God-fearing there are still factors that she dont like and they dont agree at all by time nevertheless at the end of the day, as she said, she is still so proud and happy to have made the right choice, after all. All through out the interview, i cound help myself but think of my choices in life at present and in the future, will i lucky too to be with the person i long to be all along, or will i regret the decisions and some decisions i will make. For now, i still dont know but i am really praying that somehow i will be guided that in the future as i foretell my love story, you too can smile and said " im happy for u", with a hug.