Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spent My Friday On The Mall

Today is the last day of work, i saw few people at the mall but still there are lots of mall goers. Two days in a row that im running some errands and now i have to catch a lot of things online. In fact, i havent write yet on my favorite writing hub and im planning to do it tomorrow. I can write as many as i can as i want to do my backlogs. I still ahve few tasks to finish and today i got a DA and another batch of reviews to do. Indeed my week was productive.

Before i call it a day, allow me to  thank the Provider for everything. While typing this post, its already past 12 am and yet i am still here tryng to finish what i can do today. 

So, goodnight bloggers, May we have an exciting weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips Review

Annoyed of those unwanted hair?

Not only you girl as i am too since i noticed few unwanted hair growing significantly. I am not sure how to address this properly. I have tried plucking it and i asked my niece to do that for me but then it isnt working perfectly, after  a month or a couple of weeks, it just grows and even longer and thicker than the usual. My other resort was to use blade to trim my armpits hair but then it might be pleasant to see but will get back to it''r normal growing after quite sometime which made you do another removal methods.

This time around, i have to try another means and i just had an inclination to this brand.

This brand is well knows for wax products and truly you can experience noticeable difference unlike if you just rely on plucking and razor. Though, you will feel a sudden pain when removing but when the hair is uprooted you will surely feel smooth and that hair is not evident still for quite sometime.

If you are don't have waxing experience then take some time to read it's basic direction to use.

1. Place the Strip in the direction of hair growth and remove it against the direction by holding the easy grip strip.

2. The faster you remove the strip the better and the more effective it is.

3. Repeat the direction in consistent pattern.

So far, you will surely love the noticeable result,


Like and Recommended

PS: It's quite painful if it's your first time especially when removing strips but it's effective.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Woman With Longest Dreadlocks

I am actually thinking of having my hair trimmed at the salon where i had my hair rebonded. I love this high end salon in town as it offers superb service. One fine proof, they don't accept customers when they knew they can't give impressive service. When i had my salon session with them, it took me the entire day since it was treated first before they apply the straightener. I availed of a nice package so up to this day, i can see healthy strand and less split ends. 

Indeed, every woman loves to pamper their crowning glory and that if given the chance i would like to have my hair treated every week. Hence, i am eyeing for a short hair lately because it's more manageable on my end. This made me think, how in the world this woman can manage to carry her long dreadlocks.

Asha Mandela
Photo Courtesy:
Asha Mandela, the woman with the world's longest dreadlocks, credits her hair for helping her pull through two heart attacks, cancer, and two strokes. 'Cutting it would be equivalent to suicide. It would be like being a zombie," the 50-year-old who lives with her second husband and son in Atlanta, Georgia, told the Daily Mail.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hurray, I'm Productive

I can't help sharing a smile today. I am almost done with my tasks except of course the tasks i have from B2B, i have done few articles already and build connections. Now it's time my buddies work for me. I am looking forward that before weekend i will be qualified for redemption. And of course, more  blessings to follow. I don't know why i seem to get addicted to writing maybe because i am at the right mode and my connection works perfectly for me. Last night, i had a great time working and building connections and today i passed on the hard work. I will surely share my income when i already hit the redeem button,

It's wonderful Thursday here and the sun is shining brightly. I intend to have my laundry done tomorrow since i just had it on Monday but then my laundry basket is already full, blame it to me being a little vain. But i am really glad, the good weather is set on my place. To my friends on the Metro, be safe guys!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Free Accessory from Halo-Halo Mall

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Finally, the fiesta is over and i can give some relevant time to my blogs as i knew i took it for granted this week. Thank God, despite of my lack of time to all of my babies, i am still blessed to have some tasks to do over the weekend and i am starting to work on them now. Today is a nice day for me, i am in my best work mode and perfect blogging mojo so i was able to edit some photos and share to my their respective sites.

I knew i owe a lot to my readers so as my way of giving back, i am starting to share my latest finds, freebies and beauty loots that i reviewed and are set to be review. I have another beauty loots coming and it's a promise to give you a sneak peek to my verdict exclusively here.

So my first share here, is the free accessory from Halo-Halo mall. This was shipped few weeks ago and sadly i just have no time to give a thorough peak to my readers. This is absolutely free as it was just through playing and visiting the site that made me accumulate such points then redeem it after. The ending, you can shop for any stuff you want depending on the points you got accumulated


And here's the gift..

Thank You Halo-Halo Mall

Friday, August 16, 2013

A New Dress For Me

I mentioned it's the church wedding of a cousin tomorrow and their motif is like apple green. I don't remember having a light green dress for that so i have no choice but to get it today courtesy of my ever spoiler mahal. I've thought he wouldn't allow me to buy for that as he just spent few bucks for the fiesta thing but then when he asked if i will go to the wedding tomorrow i've told him that im having a second thought as i don't have  a dress yet so he made sure i don't have reason not to go. I am really excited to share here my new finds and this time im embracing for light colored.

Today was also the civil wedding of the brother, the reception was held at the nearest restaurant in town. I should have go with them but then i have to do something which prompted me to have a separate walk. Thus, if you haven't been in the nearest mall in town. There's a huge sale happening an just today i was able to take advantage of it. I bought lingerie's and few house clothes. I just realized some of my house clothes are worn out already so i have to buy some. So far, i am happy with my recent garment addition.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Intimate Care 101: Keep It Relatively Healthy

One thing most women fail to give extra care, is our basic thing on reproductive health. I mean i just noticed that some women fail to give importance and proper hygiene so as to maintain what needs to be cleans and cleanse everyday. I am no sure how other women do their basic routine but as with  me, i make sure i maintain basic hygiene and used products that offers utmost comfort to me.

Here are simple intimate care id like to share.

1. Change Your Underwear When You Felt Doing So

I just felt uncomfortable when i am on my fertile days, admit it ladies. But then, even if I'm on my typical days, i make sure i have to change my undies whenever i opt to hit the sack. Just that, i feel fresh whenever i am wearing something that is of cottony inside my pajamas.

2. Feminine Wash Makes Me Clean

I used to be a disciple of plain soap and water not until i was confined for  a UTI. Since then, i became extra vain down there. I also switch from my former feminine wash to PH Care because of it's perfect PH content. I just love the feeling of using it compared to regular soap and water. It doubles the feeling of being clean and fresh.

3. Pantyliner Just Do The Thing

Have you smell something not so good down there especially if you're using plain panty? Yes sweety, when you do your regular thing at the comfort room, we noticed some little droplets that will just create a stingy smell later so having a pantyliner will make your intimate part feeling fresh and clean.

4. Use Feminine Wipes After

I was confined years ago for a UTI thing and from that day on, i resort to checking  out products that will help me get rid of bacteria's and i must admit, i was then using tissue when i use the comfort room but i changed to using feminine wipes later on. If you feel you need to experience that clean feeling then i urge you to use PH Care Feminine Wipes.

Why Am I a Ph Care Wipe User?

- It has PH balanced
- Alcohol Free
- Hypo Allerginic
- With Active Cool for extra freshness
- Clinically Tested

What i actually love about feminine wipes is the wet texture where you can take advantage of after urinating. You just need to cleanse your intimate area and of course convenient to use especially if you're prone to travelling. PH Care is  a product of Unilab so you can guarantee for a high end quality. 

To know more about this product and other products of Unilab do like their page at Facebook or check them out on Twitter.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

All Set For Review

I honestly have lots of things to do today yet i have to manage them one by one so that i could take time to do my online errands. For instance, i need to take photos of the products i received and of course have to edit them first. I have to post random updates too in my new sites which made my brain so drain already. Anyway, i hope i can publish my product review the soonest while im working on it's photos.

On some ends, i got few tickets already for tomorrow's activity. I have seven tickets here and it will surely be  a family bonding. I was told that there's  a nice competition so we can't just missed the show. I forgot, i have to ask permission from my partner first so that he knew in case he called up tomorrow.

Indeed, i have lots of things to do.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Jet Set Bag for August

Hi folks, how have you been doing lately? Anyway, i am still here trying to boosts my traffic and today id like to share what i am eyeing for this month. Ohh, i saw a jetset bag at the mall and i super want it. I also saw a great find here..


The one i am eyeing for is relatively similar with this. I love back since you can matched and used this with any outfit you want. It's also a bit classy since you can just pair this with slippers and you're done. Well, i wish i can have this the soonest, it's just the start of the month and i have few more weeks to go to accomplish this plan.