Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tasks in Queue

I am indeed blessed to have tasks in queue now. Not to mention the batch of product reviews i made last night. Who says earning molah is easy? Not if you do it with sweat and if its a hard earned money. Its lunch break and i had chance to check my mail and good thing i did coz i checked the tasks given to me by a client. I am really overwhelmed how this client trust his reviews on me. They are actually a third party entity abroad whose bread and butter is on internet marketing. Now ive got 20 tasks to make. I hope i do have the energy to finish it all but i knew i need it badly. My stomach is a little upset this morning but gladly it didn't pursue its initial symptoms. My hubby called up early because he is worried about the stomach stuff but i assured him im totally fine. In fact, im at workplace now.