Thursday, June 19, 2008

fairy tales..

The story of cinderella makes me believe that not all couples who are perfectly fit, fits forever, coz if cinderella's slippers perfectly fit, why did it fell?
I was on my early 20's when i felt in love to a man, ive never thought too i will fall, we've started with a simple texts that developed into a relationship, a relationship that was just good at the start, since it was a long distance love affair and i understant that it was really hard for both parties, we were on our way on our 10 months when he decided to give up on me, honestly i do really loved me so much, and i was willing to do everything to make him stay. I even beg him just to give us a chance to prove to each other that we can surpassed our trials, but he was not willing, i remember the times when he would turn off his phone even when i was talking because he would not want to hear my voice anymore, he would post in the net a pics of him and his new gf, which was really terribble, but the worst was, when i ask him to choose between his new gf and me, and he choosed the former. My heart was really painfully dying that time, broken into pieces but i didnt stop there, i said if its ok with him, its ok with me even if im just a second gf, whats important is he would not leave me...that was the worst part..
I remember how the pain losses my identity as a person, how i lose respect and love for myself, finally it made me think that if he would not love me, who else would love me aside from myself?
After six months of being single and the letting go, i am finally from pains and heartaches. Today he visited the branch, and to my surprise i didnt feel anymore the love i used to have, the unconditional i once reserved for him, maybe, just maybe i have already reserved it to someone special, someone deserving for it.
fairy tales once are so good to my ears, castle's are once my dreams...
happy endings...not anymore..whats important im happy now..
prince charming, yeah ive dreaming for him..i once believe i found him..
eventually he was not..
Now, im living in a world of reality, loving quietly and happy to be in a relationship
with someone i knew would love me, i knew will respect me and hopefully will takes good care
of me for a lifetime..
..and we lived happily ever after...