Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Vacation Deal

Everybody needs a great break especially after a stressful and tiring year. I had my share of vacations and hang outs too. For one, i had been to great beaches and vacation destinations. I was so amazed how the country is blessed to have a pradise on our own. There are undiscovered paradise hidden beneath the mountains and caves of some remote areas that are yet to be unfold by curious individuals like us. For sometime, i had been to a white, serene area of Samar. the place is located in a remote area in the northern part. It was the first time i had been there but the first time i took the glimpse of the place i was speechless because its like a paradise beneath the tall trees and forest. I had also been into beautiful caves in the area and the beauty inside made me think of the MOther Nature. The natural beauty endowned in the place is truelly magnificient. But i knew i still have to discover a lot more vacations destinations, i heard of Palawan, Bohol and Guimaras. If money is no object, im sure ill fly to that place in no time. BUt still i am hopeful of travelling abroad. While i heard a lot about Paris, i am certain that i still want to visit and enjoy Italy. I wanted to visit Rome and other great destinations there. But still, i knew of one place that we should all be looking forward to and that is Monaco grand prix packages. I heard a lot of wonderful stuff about this package, might try this one one day. What you think?

My 1001 POst

How time flies, seems just yesterday when i was just experimenting things over blogger but now here i am trying to do all the best to maximize my earnings here. Im thankful that i have found this means to augment my finances and grateful to the one person who have shared her skills about this. Maybe if not of her i would not be able to have this kind of part time income that i am presently enjoying. I knew i am indebted to her coz without her maybe the door for this endeavor wil not be open. Times and times had passed that a lot of rift had closed the friendship between us but i can still recall how good memories of friendship has developed over the years and up until now, i still cherish it. I knew youll probably read this, Thank you for opening up the door for this and no matter how complicated life and situations are, i still not forgotten to thank u for this and i missed the friendship.