Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Many Surprises...

Can't believe the news ive got today and it really made up my day. I dont know what i did that God gave me all my wishes.wink*. It has been a greta year for me and i never really expect surpises this year but God is so good, He really knows whats makes me happy. I love you God, Thanks you for everything and really everything. I dont want to tell first as to what's the news all about, i want to make you guess first guys. But in two weeks time, youll know.wink*

On the other end, the client request a more research based article so i will really have hard time doing those product reviews. I agree really with my bosss, positive vibes are really contagious. I was just wishing for more fishes, it already came..

Extra Special

This day is extra special for me for some reasons. We had a big fight with my hubby last night but we end up being so sweet to each other. I couldn't imagine ourselves talking in the mid of the night just for my nonsense reasoning. It made me feel so flattered that i am valued by a man miles away from me and that across those foreign land someone makes up my day. We are far better now and one thing that i realized that i am a matured woman now, i know how to deal with compromise and so far i am flexible. I also realize that i really love him that much because if not i wouldn't mind sleeping for less than two hours because things are not still well. As to my hubby, they don't have work today because its the 4th of July. He just stayed at home and maybe goes out to roam around. I remember him telling me last night that he wants me to understand his passion to help the poor children, i knew i have the best man in the world and i'm proud of the fact that he goes out in his own little way. I'm proud of the fact too that i am the woman behind the generous heart of this simple man. wink*