Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dont give up on us baby

my god, i just realized recently that despite everything he still owns my heart, i missed him terribly, how i wish he would still be willing to have me again, how i wish i still have him.

you know something really makes me sad, before i used to beleieve that once you have met the man who fits your standard,its easy to fall in love.....its totally wrong, coz falling in love is not by standard its how the feelings met. i dont know how i felt in love with him, all i knew i found him special already. he was the man i cant live without.

i missed my baby,.huhuhuhu


speaking of wedding, ill be attending the silver wedding anniversary of our grower,, and im in the entourage..Im really so worried, coz i dont have dress for that occassion, maybe ill just buy one, and go to the parlor for a make-over...My god, im so also dreaming to walk down the aisle soon with the man of my life.
someday i hope to see myself walking down that special aisle and my man waiting for my hands, its an every woman's dream, really..just a bit of curiousity,can anyone be willing to spend the rest of his life with me? heheheh...i hope so..
ill update you soon......mwahhhhhh