Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Take Advantage of the Best Credit Card Deals

Being a woman offers both an advantage and sort of drawbacks. First off, i observed so many physical inequalities as far as both genders are concered. Maybe, this is so because one must be submissive and the other rule. In any case, there are certain things a woman can fully enjoy. For instance, its only us that can rear a chil and men have no options but to marry a woman for him to have a kid, right? On the other end, vanity is a woman's friend, agree girls? Just check out their bags and you will find an abundant kits and other accessories. Well, my bag contains such stuff so i can relate, wink!

Anyway,being beautiful requires effort and money. If you dont have enough budget yet you aspire to become the apple of the eye of a guy then you should be worry because theres no such thing as free lunch. Beauty products are everywhere and the range from pricey to cheap products is an everyday temptation. Thus, if you belong to a status where you can afford pricey beauty kits then youre a lucky girl, indeed. Im sure you have the liberty to shop and buy anything you want. Speaking of shopping, what do you normally use? Are you using your credit card or you use cash most often. As for me, i use both but i normally transact with cash this recent days. Im lucky that i have the best card company coz i can bring it anywhere ill be. Its a friend on travel and a companion during your crises days. A month ago, a friend ask for a coffee talk because she wanted to discuss about the best credit cards that she wants me to avail. I knew this is a typical scenario especially if you are already a card holder. She told me there are few business credit cards that offers low interest and free annual charge for the first year. The news excites me of course but then i knew sometimes sales agents have sweet toungue. Hopefully not this time ocz i want to avail of best credit card deals if i find his offer truly enticing.

Anyway, i still have to think about this. I guess its enough that i have one card, whats the use of having many when i cant use it all.

Am I Addicted to Love?

You Are Logical About Love

You don't have anything against love, but you're not about to let it take over your life.

You only fall in love when it's right. You listen to your head - not your heart.

You know that love can hurt, and you protect yourself. You don't fall too quickly or too deeply.

You understand that love and infatuation are two different things. You never mistake a crush for true love.

Unified Green Fundraising

The recent facts tells us how devastated our present environmment. Enviromental protection is now a must that of a mere option. Its time to act now and start doing your share of protecting Mother Nature. Lets not wait for a catastrophe before we can realize what we need to do and our obligations. Let us remember that we live in this world not to spoil our environment but to take good care of them so that we can pass a better world to the next generation.

I do remember a tragic flooding that killed thousands of lives because of lack of enviromental concern. The people on that area just cut trees, care nothing for the forest, disrespect the marine life and other things that worsen the life of this globe. Well, the ending was worst than expected and for now let it served as a lesson of our social and environmental obligations. If you want to partake, then involve yourself in green fundraising movements or contribute green fundraising ideas. THis little ways will surely bring a huge difference. Indeed, a small step on environmental fundraisingwill only begin if you take the initiative, right? An environmental cause will never be succesful unless each one of us contribute and help. What about you, when will you start caring for Mother Nature?

Rainy Day

THis day i decided to go to downtown instead of roaming around at the nearest mall. I am looking for a clutch and accessories for the wedding. Despite of the rain and my lazy butt, i decided to pursue my plan since our work will resume tomorrow and i still need to buy some personal stuff. Gladly, i was able to do all my agenda and had my grocery after which. We arrived late this afternoon and thank God my sister didnt complain for a long day.

I was planning to buy some decors but because i have my monthly visitor now and it ruined my mood, i decided to just buy the things i badly need. After a long day, here i am updating my portal for some updates. Hope you enjoy the day guys!

Steel Cabinets for your Home

I have dozens of improvement plans for our house unfortunately my sister is our priority this time. However, it doesnt stop me from doing some canvass if in any case ill have excess budget. To start with, i want to add some beautification to my room. I already hate the dull and boring color that i am having now. I want something that will reflect my personality and somehow a color that would brightens my day as soon as i wake up in the morning. Another thing i am planning is to have steel cabinets because my present drawer cannot anymore accommoddate my personal belongings. I want to have a customized shoerack and stylish steel storage cabinets if the budget is not that big. I observed that this year alone my dresser is becoming too small with all the dresses and clothes i added every month.

Knowing how shopaholic i am, i can definitely occupy even the largest .flammable storage cabinet But this is just my way of treating myself after being so hardworking. Shopping is not bad for as long as you spend within your budget but if you think you go beyond your limit or you dont have excess then dont attempt to buy what your eye is craving instead make up your mind and buy whats important. Gladly, i have a responsible father who buys everything at home and my role is to just add whatever is lacking although i do spare with our everyday needs. But with my brother staring to work soon, im sure i will have plenty of excess especially that im enjoying a generous reward from my online tasks.

Dealing with Diabetes

The health and wellness of a person is very essential because one cannot do anything if he is ill. My uncle who is presently suffering from Diabetes is very ill for few years. The family has a history for such so we are always advised to take precautionary measures. IN fact, as early as now i always measure my sugar intake and minimizae too much sweets if possible.

I hate to admit it but there will indeed come a time where our body will be prone to illness and diseases. We will not be forever young so we chould take good care of our health as early as this time.I heard few times about how Diabetes has ruined one's health and i dont want to deal with it in the future. Although some of my relatives has pre diabetes symptoms but im sure that they will be remedied once they take proper medical attention. Having no feet is the worst scenario once you become diabetic and i hope its not yet too late to do something else. BUt with the modern way of treating the latter especially that there are herbal suppliments made favorably for diabetic patient. Im sure the worry and burden of clan who has history of such will be lessen. In no time, with proper care and right suppliments, the fight for diabetes will come to an end.

Got a Surprise...

Its indeed a great day for me. I was awakened by a text from my love and i was surprise of his sweet gesture. I texted him why he just sent it for no reason. He said he wants me to enjoy the day and shop. Isnt he too sweet? I never expect a shopping spree today but i just did and im just thankful to my ever dearest love for pampering me so much. I will be off later to scout for a footwear for my bestfriends wedding. Just in time too coz i need to add more grocery for the week. Thats what im saying guys, God has its marvelous way of rewarding his faithful servants. wink!