Friday, July 29, 2011

Widens Your Circle of Friends

A great author once said "No Man is an Island". True indeed because each one of us needs friends and its our very nature to mingle. Needless to say, its our basic needs to have a companion regardless if its romantically inclined or not. It explains why most people who lives alone are associated with psychological problems because of their limited exposure to socialization. Speaking of the latter, man is inborn with socialization skills thats why even just the mere thought of smiling expresses a certain thought to someone else. Dont you observed that even if you're a novice to a place and when you just act as kind or friendly as possible then people would just approach you and some may even befriend you. Socialization is indeed necessary to man not only to gain friends nor to widen his circle of friends but more of that - to bring joy and compliment the heart, agree?

Socialization may be broad in term but if we will just take it a lighter sense both literrally and figuratively, its easy. With the advent of new technology where social media sites are just a click of our finger then your circle of friends will truly be increasing each day. But for people who wanted to be at an exclusive site where it homes down marriage minded people then the net has so many sites stored for you. Being in a chatroulette will indeed boosts your potential of finding the right partner and avoid the thousands Mr. Maybe that came your way. The good news some of this dating sites has features like omegle chat that lets you chat instantly to someone even without registering. The possibility of being married sooner than when you expected is higher in this dating sites than when you just register yourself at social media websites. At finding for the one person who will complete you is easy.

Looking for the right partner is indeed as tough or should i say more tough than applying for a job. Coz theres always flexibility and adjustments at the workforce but with love, its about total acceptance. Well, its the true essence of true love, dont you think?

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Ive mentioned it in my previous post that i am scouting for a new toy next month. My old phone is a touch screen toy but then as years passed i am having problem with its screen. There are times where it took a long time before you can open a certain icon. Well, its understandable there is a depreciation issue in every gadger. Nonetheless, if money is no object i am eyeing for Samsung Galaxy Ace. Its the recent talk of the town but i also heard about Root Samsung Galaxy Ace .

They say that rooting your device gives a splendid capture. Hopefully i would have idea as to how this application works.

On Flash Game Site...

I have a nephew who is hooked on online games. Everytime he visited the house he wanted to be play games immedietly since we have installed so many games at our desktop. I am amazed seeing him spending long hourse at the computer because i felt that he really enjoyed playing those online games. In one of his visit, he was bugging me to look for a flash game site. Since i dont have idea what he is talking about, i tried to scout first at the net the best site for that niche, good thin ive found one. I'm talking about a great flash game site called Igrice. The site has a plethora of entertaining games youngsters will surely love about. At least now i can recommend one.