Thursday, April 10, 2008

summer escapade

if youre looking for a great place where you can find unique summer escapade,
check this out:

this is taken from agta beach resort located at biliran leyte.
truelly it has an spectacular view and also it is a white sand beach.
i was really so amazed of the place since we are looking for the best beach
in leyte where we can have our summer outing and wow, this place really caught
my attention.thu it is located somwhere in a far away paradise, but definitely once
you will visit the place, its really worth the travel..

cathy fatty

good morning bloggers, well im here once again signing in with my blog, well as you can see i have my image here of a cute cat--heheh like me, who is chubby (not fat-yay)hehehe,and like me too, who wants to go diet coz the tummy is already becoming that big..hehehe..well,well, if they can make me thin - make my friends fat.....
well. diet would be the best solution to this dillemma.
have a nice day.