Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have had enough stories to tell in my life. Some had brought me the smiles and some are those that are not worth telling for. There are those too that i believe keeping it within my heart was the best thing to do. Our stories are just one of the few memories that i will cherish forever. I didnt want to go but the situation needs it babe, i dont want to cut the rope that binds me to you but this is the only thing best for us now. The distance is really killing us and everyday is just a survival game, of longingness and of imagination. I appreciate every inch you did for the relationship, i am flattered of the big and small things you did for me. I couldnt ask for more anymore for the love that you have shown to me. I guess im starting to believe that sometimes love isnt just enough, no matter how two of you have exerted all the efforts, time would really come that you need to let go of his hand coz you want him to be happy. Babe i cried because i couldnt keep the pain - of the thought that its very hard for you to keep the relationship. Sometimes i dont want to think of you coz if i do, i am just thinkin of how unfair love seems to. When you think you met him at the perfect day but you have an imperfect situations. I used to believe that love can be work out so as relationship but the harder we try the more that we would get hard at the finish line. You were right babe, how much more if we meet and the day came again that we will part aways, isnt it much harder? I dont know when is the perfect time for us, if theres any? but i dont have doubt that i have found the perfect man in you.
For the very last time, allow me to utter the three special word that i knew is for you and will be for u only "i Love You", i may not tell you everyday how much you mean to me but i always do. remember babe, we met at just an ordinary day but seems i couldnt forget that day now, that ordinary day brings out something special tagged as the unforgettable day in my life. I ought just not to leave offline message coz its hurting deep inside of me, as to how i could say goodbye to the man i love. I knew youll read this eventually, theres just no purpose why i wrote here, but i believe this blog was very instrumental in keeping us together. And this blog knew everything that we went thru and all the in-betweens.
Thank you babe for being you, for loving me and for sharing your dreams to me. You know i may not have told you this, but i am touched by everything that you have done. You have always managed to call me and talk to me almost everyday no matter how busy you are, I dont remember a day when you didnt leaved me an offline message, which i will miss soon. Sometimes even if we promised to meet on the net after you called up and even if i didnt shown up, you didnt get mad. And who will forget the day when i was so down, you were there to advice me of what i should and shouldnt have done next time. Enough of that coz i could just remember that night when i couldnt help but smile about the silly things we enjoyed sharing with.
To my babe i will miss you so much, but i guess we dont have a choice right now, you need this and perhaps we need this too. I will surely miss your voice, your offline message, the way you care and the silly and the non-silly things we have shared and laughed.
I was thinkin of the right word to end this, but i couldnt think of one.
Hope this one works :-(

When is Enough an Enough?

Dear heart,

I never failed in reminding you always to be very cardeful in all the things you do and you dont know. I always tells you to takes good care of yourself and dont allow others to stepped back on you and leave you breathless. I always tells you never to trust at the very first beat, learn to takes time and allow the feelings to grow, never rush and weigh things as possible. But you betrayed her once again, i dont know exactly what u did, but i find her crying and she didnt even bother to greet me like she usually did, she is thinking about you and wanting you so deep and intense. Ive told you once that she has done already all the stupidty in this world but that doesnt mean she doesnt deserves to be love, everybody is meant for somebody and i just want you to be wiser this time. Learn not to trust yourself but to trust me too, we should goes hand in hand so that she will not be hurt again and again and again. She said enough of the pain, she said once to me that she is already tired, isnt that enough reason for you to take good care of yourself so that you wont be broken again. Did you forgot that just last year, i have seen you breathless and into tiny little pieces, we have picked you up and my friend named "Time" takes good care of u. remember i allow you to be with him all the time until your healed, and now after a few months i was very happy to look at you, so fresh and so blomming, enough for me to realize that you are ready for a brand new start. And now look at you, you are falling in love again to man i never knew, how could i guide you when u dont even dare to introduce him to me. You once beg to leave you coz u were very sure about him, but i didnt, you're asking too much. Youre asking for a heartache again. How could i leave you at miseries, even if im on top there was no single day when i couldnt afford to reach you. Now pls leand me your hadn, lets think and beat for the person who beats and thinks for us.
Dont forget to rest, youre too tired now, if you cant sleep just think of me and ill beat for you.



Ideal Gifts

Do you have in mind already as to what present you will give to your love ones? probably you hav ein mind flowers or perhaps stuff toys or chocolates? Just a little pointer, every woman really dreams and wishes to receive flowers from the man they loved, its actually flattering and overwhelming feeling to received such gift. But eversince i really dont have stories to tell in valentines, my friends does have every heart's day celebration, they always receive flowers from their over romantic hubby. But there is one special event once in the celebration of love's day, When i was still at my work, i was shocked when a man handed one beautiful and red rose to me, exactly at my table, i asked him who gave that but to my dismay he didnt tell me as to who aked him to do that. Until the end of the day i really dont know who do that, the card just state "to the sweetest person ive ever known",hmmm he was sweet but i never knew who he was, my bestfriend whom the only man i ever am close with ended up courting me, we were best friends way back from our college years, he is always updated as to whom im dating with and every now and then, he would advice me if he thinks the man is not good to me. He is actually a playboy, yeah ive knew that, but i knew i am the only woman whom she cried with..hehhe. She would always tells me that im very bratty but to his note, i am the sweetest girl she ever know, no pretentions and just a real me. Before he left, he proposed to me, marriage proposal and it was the very first time he has done that. I was very touched the way he acted but eventually i realize that its also my fault being so close to him, maybe or maybe not he hadnt control his feelings as a guy or just maybe he has found his ideal girl in my personality. But whatever it is, i just missed him..i missed his sweetness always. I am not in touch anymore with him but i always wish for him to be happy in whoever arms he is right now.

Stressful day

The day is really so stressful, ive been into lots of transactions and that includes securing a copy of my bank statement, its really so long since i received then. I dont know what happened, but eventually i try to enroll my account into online banking at least i am sure and secure as in monitoring my daily banking transactions. I also went to an internet provider company to inquire about the fees and requirements. Im actually planning to install internet on our comp, i knew its really so tough but i realized that instead of going to the cafe every now and then why dont i just install and internet at home. I have already contacted an agent to that, but i knew i will face again a financial dilemma considering that i would have to think a lot of payments every month. But just crossing my finger that ill eventually get over all of those stuff.