Sunday, September 21, 2008

"i love walkin in the rain, so that no one could see me cryin"

A few days before my birthday, i was really so excited since i will already be celebrating my special day, i was counting the nights to my 23rd natal day, what i did not know, it was a countdown to the hospital, since 3 days before i reached my birthday, i was rushed to the hospital, with a diagnosed serious urinary tract infection and to my dismay my kidney was also affected to the point that the moment i was admitted at the emergency room, the nurses injected a high dose antibiotic because the bacteria already spread in my body. Worst comes to worst, my body was already too pale and very weak..i couldnt anymore afford to swallow food, i have to rely on my dextrose for me to survive. I couldnt remember of the exact word i uttered before i lost my consciosness, but one thing i knew that time, i was asking God to help me at that desperate times of my life. Indeed, nobody knew what will happen to us, and in the same manner that nobody could tell when his last day is.
Ive celebrated my birthday at the hospital with my close friends, as before i was thinkin of a great party but then at that time, as ive seen my family and my friends beside me, one thing came to realization.."i couldnt ask for more", i am just thankful that God has blessed me with wonderful people in my life, and if i had one wish on that special day, and that is for them to stay with me, with God up there, and my significant others around me, theyre enough to complete my life.