Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Twitter Rift

The talk of the town today is about the exchange of tweets between Angelica Panganiban and the AZKALS player Phil Younghusband. I actually didnt know the issues in between then until ive watched last saturday an entertainment show and there they tackle the issue about them. Well, good thing i have this avenue to express my thoughts and opinion about this. First, i didnt like the comment and tweets of Angelica because i believe she has no right to question or to meddle with whatever business Phil has. Second, if theres AZKALS players are doing some interviews or they expres their admiration to a celebrity, then she has no business with it and that she better keep mum. Its like she is creating an issue and bad publicity for herself to be talk about. I knew social media is really very influential at present, and who doesnt lives here without its influence but nonetheless its no excuse to be irresponsible nor to maligned someone. I certainly want to stand out with my belief that tweeter is created because of an agenda for the betterment of everyone. the pros and cons of teh sites depends solely oh how we use this avenue, whether for our personal gain or for its adverse side. This social media became and avenue too to air out our thoughts and rants. It puts an equality among people in the world, whether you are celebrity or just an ordianry person, you can open an account and do what a celebrity does, we are all equal here. Your tweets is your resposnsibilty and it may also be used for you, against you and about you. When you started something that drew a line about the kind of persona you are portraying then expects that people may used it against you, no offensement. I cant see the reason why Angelica is reacting on the counter tweet of AZCALS fan when she started it out.
At the end of the day, i do hope this incident will serves as a lesson not only to the celebrities but to all social media user, whether its facebook or tweeter or anything, it also shows that its not only the celebrities who have the right to open up their thoughts, we can too. Being responsible to our actions is a proactive move. Over and above, whether your thoughts is no good or will bring goodness to one, lets take the responsibility of it and stand for it. Nonetheless, lets not forget to act beyond our territories.