Thursday, January 14, 2010


A little chances of love and new love makes a new year exciting and promising, and who would not love it? who would not like to think of an idea of fallin in love, nahhhh, im not in love with just the idea of falling again, i am occupied with the thought of falling with someone i can probably say real and reel. To those who were following with my story, they knew about the love that has blossomed before, that was nourished but to my dismay it just ends up here, yeah it ends up here in this blog, the last chapter was already written and was finally closed, though he havent bid goodbye to me, what has been unsaid was already spoken through the words from my heart, and to the lalabs you once knew, he was already a closed book, its sad that our last chapter was "goodbye", but though this blog became hiatus because of the author's time for healing, finally she had realized to write again, and once again, she is into a new dawn.she is into her new shoes again, a fighter and a new and improved woman. She will never get tired of sharing her stories with u as she never gets tired of loving, of healing and of letting go. To the man who is an inspiration now, allow me to share to them our story.this maybe far from happy ending but theres always no limits in dreaming. Till then.

Little in Reserve

Giving all is fine, wonderful but do not offer it.Men like the women with the little in reserve.Let them seek you, let them find you.THose to whom you give quickly will go quickly but sometimes those who work hard for your love also go, but that is the chance we take on love.Fight no more battles - the man who will love you will not require that of you instead he will battle for your love. Have something little for your self, coz sometimes though we wish for the same thing, one wish for the other and the other wish for another, that's why they never meet.