Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is there an Easy Break Up?

The meme for today is quite an icing in the cake. Its refreshing and its interesting. I love how the administrator makes sure girls stuff are of proportion. So without further ado, let me share for today my entry for this Saturday 9 Meme.

1. Have you ever had a romantic breakup that was easy?
- None so far. every break up was kinda hard for me. Mostly, i had my fair share of sleepless nights.

2. When was the first time that you felt betrayed?
- On my second relationship where i had to deal with betrayal and infidelity. It was so hard because i have to accept some terms that are truly unacceptable. It came to a point that i was so depressed.

3. Do you feel religious beliefs should have a role in politics?
- I may think so because most of the decision of the government is set with the terms of the major religious affliations.

4. Are you doing anything special this weekend?
- Its just atypical weekend today only that i got my share of mall hopping and bonding.

5. Oreo cookies turned 100 years old this week. How do YOU eat an Oreo?
-hahahha, love this, i eat it with milk and lick the filling...

6. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
- im happy with who i am and with what i have so far...

7. Describe a time when you should have tried harder.
- i always believe that ive given my best every single day.

8. What is your favorite baseball-related movie?
- cant think of is not my favorite sports.

9. What is one lesson you have learned in the past year?
- Not to trust easily

I love the meme today and it reminds me of some memories in the past. As they say, im comfortable talking about it already because wounds have slowly been healed and maybe ive forgiven the people who have hurt me. I knew it was not meant to be but still we cant help getting hurt but love i guess is all about getting hurt, battling for love and of course its about patience and a lot of understanding. At the end of the day, when you know you've fight for the right person and for the right reason then everything that happened was all worth it. Happy weekend everyone. Just sharing entry for

Fun-Filled Day

I knew this is kinda late for a weekend update but what can i do folks, i am bit busy today. I was off for my grocery so early coz i have to go with a friend for an important errand and right after wer're done with our lunch, i hurriedly fix myself. Too bad the rain was kinda pouring hard so we have no choice but to pursue our initial plans. After we're done with our business, we headed straight to the mall for some sight seeing and i really enjoy big time having a great company with this good friend. I remember my sister coz she was my shopping buddy all these years and its quite some time since we last bond together. Our sight seeing was kinda a reliever to me after a stressful week from work and other stuff. Now my turn for my online portals and i wish i could participate with my saturday meme. How about you guys? Did you have a saturday blast?