Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Done with Product Reviews

I'm done with those seven product reviews assigned to me. It was totally a stressful thing as the client needs a more personalized and excellent content. I was totally running out of words because my mind was so drained. But of course, I'm happy that i am productive today and this month. I love the products that i reviewed today. It was more on homes and real estate matters. It absolutely a wide concept so you can give out some nice wordings and positive reviews. I hope tomorrow would be a different niche because i don't want to repetitively used my words and vocabulary over and over again. Thank God i was given a blogging and writing mode.Till tomorrow.

Want my PR Back

I was browsing a friend site when i noticed that her pagerank has dropped, i realized i need to check mine. So as expected, my page rank 3 was hit my Mighty GOOGLE. I'm feeling sad of course but its all fine. My other site is slowly gaining a page rank so i might just focus there. The good thing, my product reviews are not site attached so i am not hit of my online earnings. Well, i need to double my effort in gaining back my site figure.

Online Tasks in Queue

Its another great morning, as expected i am greeted by a client with so many product reviews to make. I knew i did save a lot lately but cant slip this in my fingers, lol. I simply cant resist myself from accepting this tasks again because i simply need more bucks now. I promised my sister for a treat next month. She is asking for a new havaianas. I'm planning also to buy a new digi cam but still hesitant if ill buy it here or in Cebu. Thanks to my online earnings for buying extra stuff i want. Thanks to the Provider for making things possible. I simply can't ask for more.