Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Benefits of Blog Meme

For quite sometime, my cells seem to be much cooperative. I mean i always have the energy to post various meme's i found online. Actually, i find this a nice alternative than posting a "me" post. For quite sometime, i got tired of really sharing various post about everything i indulge to or anything personal. Maybe, im just keeping a little privacy for myself this time. So, to just compensate the boring personal posts i used to share, blog meme saves me from escaping an entry here:

How does blog meme helps bloggers:

1. Increase Traffic

In one way or the other, i noticed a significant change in my alexa rank since i joined and focus on doing an entry on my other site. I used to have 3 million plus rank and when i started doing the entry every week, it went down to 900 plus thousand as of this typing.

2. Gain Exposure

- What i love about blog meme is you increase your blog exposure. The wordless wednesday is well participated by a lot of bloggers worldwide so whenever i host an entry, i received various visitors and they get to me well too.

3. Discover Other Bloggers

- One major rule when participating for meme is to blog hop. Meaning you have to check other entry and you do have the option to comment too. It's a nice way to increase visitors while gaining friends too..

4. Potential Advertisers

- I remember creating my entry for my favorite meme and after which someone leave me a message from a participant who is willing to buy a review in my niche site. She saw my other sites from that site i hosted an entry so blessing in disguise, indeed.