Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is It

yesterday i watched MJ's documentary film entitled "This Is It", ive thought its going to be a docu-drama film featiring Michael's life and his achievement, in a way a tribute to the king of pop, nevertheless the film really did a great job in offering a special presentation of a never seen rehearsals of Michael Jackson to his supposed to be concert before he passed away. Until this time its still fresh from my mind how the king of pop really creates a special place in my heart as his fans, he is en excellent performer, a great artist, a versatile performer. so professional and nonetheless, its no wonder he is so loved by his fans because he brings back the love to his audience, no matter how popular he is, he has no attitude problem, he is entirely so different from what is written in the news about his attitude. I love the way he reach out to the people and i admire him for being an environmentalist. A two hour film was for me not enough in bringing back the memory of the king of pop, as the show ends, i saw several people clapped their hand in showing their appreciation to the greatest performer this world has, i choose not, because i dont want to end his memory in that movie theater, i look forward in seeing a lot from him in the next years to come and i reserved my clap for that.

Happy Sunday

Hope you have a great sunday guys? any plans for today? or just family getaways? well as for me, i will just stay at home and have movie marathon, its my way of relaxing for a week stress, isnt it good to just stay in bed and relax your mind, pamper your body by massage or even foot spa, wow what a great experience, every saturday i always make it sure to have a body message, just to stretch my veins and you knoe pamper yourself as i am so prone to stress and pressure every week. Well its like 47 days to go before christmas, time really fies so fast, and before we knew it we are changing the year already, im sure its going to be an exciting christmas season for my family, hope in yours too...