Thursday, May 24, 2012

CPA Board Exam - May 2012

My sister was among the hopeful applicants of the recent brain test for Certified Public Accountants. They flew to their review center six months before the examination date. After a vigorous review processes and other trials in between, we can now proudly associate the word CPA after her name.

For other details, here are a quick glimpse to the over-all result:


As with the lists of passers, you can check out the PRC website. Here's just a quick list:


To my sister, Thank you for making us so proud of you. You made it with flying colors. In fact, her avarage was points to go for the tenth spot for placer. But then, nothing is more rewarding than knowing that she has made us all proud. In any case, it aint' easy to pass the board exam much more than gaining such average.A lot of things contribute to the success, she had been motivated by a lot of people and few of our critiques. Well, its an exciting triumph to share. Going back, to the moments where she was worstly treated at least those experienced of her bring rewarding toil. I remember her crying still when she remembered the time where she was belittled infront of her collegues and now look what she've got. The time where they were so proud of what they did. Indeed, God is so good, HE blessed the right people. Don't you think?