Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boys do fall in love..

I remember a certin lyrics of a song ''Only fools rush in", funny yet it true, however it isnt always the case, coz i am willing to become one, for as long as i have him and i will be with him for a lifetime.
We had a great fight last night, over some non-negotiable issues, thu i tried to let things run smoothly, and offer compromise, he was just so good that he just let things be. He didnt even shout nor give ourselves space because of the said incident. It was just, it just made me feel bad over his silence, it kills me, it bothers my conscience, how can i afford to betray his love when he was so good, to deserve him? however, its too late for regrets, the damage has been done, ive already hurt him, thus i wish i should have done that, but let things happened that way, so that i will suffer the consequence of my stupidity.
But as bad as it seems, it also bring it positive karma, eventually, ive realized that he is a great man and that by this time, i want to change for him and for us. at the end of the day, i want him to realize that im worth keepin for.
i love u so much my baby, and you gave me reason to live my life once again, with love.