Monday, January 21, 2008

my zodiac sign

VIRGO - The Perfectionist (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Dominant in relationships.
Always wants the last word.
Very smart.
Dislikes noise and chaos.
Easy to talk to.
Hard to please.
Practical and very fussy.
Often shy.

menstrual cycle

ive received an email today from a friend about the menstrual cycle...hope you can read this and share with some of your friends...

"They found a blood clot in her neck, and immediately took her byhelicopter to the ER to operate. by the time they removed the right half of herskull to relieve the pressure on her brain, the clot had spread to her braincausing severe damage.Since last Wednesday night, she was battling.. they induced herinto a coma to stop the blood flow, They operated 3 times.. Finally, they said therewas nothing left that they could do.. they found multiple clots in the leftside of her brain.. the swelling wouldn't stop, and she was on life support..
She died at 4:30 yesterday. She leaves behind a husband, and a 2yrold Brandon and a 4yr old Justin.. The CAUSE of DEATH - they found was abirth control she was taking that allows you to only have your period 3 timesa year...
They said it interrupts life's menstrual cycle, and although it is FDAapproved... shouldn't be - So to the women in my address book - I askyou to boycott this product & deal with your period
once a month - so you can live the rest of the months that yourlife has in store for you.
*Please send this to every woman you know - you may save someone's
life... Remember, you have a CYCLE for a reason!
The name of this new birth control pill is Lybrel. If you go

http://lybrel. com/ , you will find at least 26 pages of informationregarding this drug.
The second birth control pill is, Seasonique. If you go to thewebsite of, http://seasonique. com/ , you will find 43 pages of informationregarding this drug.
The warnings and side effects regarding both pills are horrible.Please, please forward this information to as many daughters AND sons,co-workers, friends and relatives. Several lives have already been changed
pefully you can share this to your friends....

a new dawn

it was quite amazing how our paths cross with my baby, i mean i was just wondering how i found him,,just quite thinking, coz now now that im starting to get to know him i find myself so lucky. before that we were just on the first stage of our relationship i never appreciate his effort and everything that he does for me.but lately, i am really so overwhelmed by his attention, i really apprecaite his effort adn his love for my family and for our realationship.
most of the time he would talk about his plans for me, he would talk about us being together which made me fall in love with him...
finally last night, a strange feeling was in my heart, i guess its the fear of lossing him coz honestly i dont now how i would start again my life without him.