Saturday, November 13, 2010


Its indeed a blessing to have a great family by your side plus a supprotive parents and ever sweet sister and brother. Im proud to say that our youngest will be graduating soon and guss what - she did it with flying colors. HUrrayyyyyyyy.well she has attained one of the most aimed honors a student would want for. But i knew its not the end of all these, ahe will be taking her review for the CPA board exam. Hopefully by next year, we can have a CPA sister.wink. Our prayers for her really. Today she just received a call from a multi company offering for a job, theyre a US based company and theyre having a project in our place so they offered a job for my sister but then she is scheduled for a review by next year so its not going to happen soon. But her dream really is to be an accountant someday and i believe that she can make it. Well its going to be a wonderful year for us next year. All sacrifices are paid off, much than we expected. I remember once we were at the midst of family crises and what my father just told us is to make good of our studies so that we can proved to them that education are our key for survival. Non its slowly realizing all our dreams. Its indeed better to be humble than to be flatter yourself too much coz you dont know when the time comes youre at the downest part and the people you critizise and above of u. Time can only tell what will happen but one thing is sure as long as God is with ur side. Youll end up victorious.Mwah

Happy Birthday Nanay

Last November 12 we celebrated the natal day of my mom. It was a lot of surprises. We planned it out to suprise my mom with a mananita and we ordered a boquet of balloons for her. The day before, we planned everything including the songs we're going to sang and the things we need, Luckily everything turned out fine. It was more of a touching surprise for her. I knew how she sacrificed for us and even just with these little things, we can repay her goodness.She may not be the mom a lot fo people will dream of, she may be stict sometimes and tackless but to us she is the greatest mom and is not worth trading of. I knew a lot of people will eventually misjudge her but its only to her children whom her true soul will reflect.As what other people say, the greatness of a parents reflects on their own children, if she is not the great mom she is everyday, are we like these? I guess we cant just finish our studies and maybe we will not be molded the way we are today. I am proud that i belong to such great partners in the world and so as my siblings.We will always love them until they grew old until the time the sacrifice is unto our hands.