Monday, December 26, 2011

On Network Storage Device

A friend messaged me awhile ago. She was asking if i knew something on system administrator. I was suprised on his thought since she knew for a fact that my field is on public administration. Maybe, she confused herself on the idea that i administered few sites. If only she knows that the portals are just products of research and friends advised. Thanks to my friends online and to a software engineer who later became a close friends and helped me a lot in almost anything. This friend from India knows a lot. From all the programming codes to the best picked on site hosting and storage stuff. He even mentioned to me about iscsi storage. I was juts listening to him since i dont have any idea about what he is talking about. I have heard about storage area network but i dont know the entire thing. Its actually hard to feed your brain with stuff that you barely know coz in this case i end up researching word for word. Its highly technical, so if the friend asked me again about network storage device, i will just advised her to have it searched in the net. Im sure it will gives her so many relative inputs.

Auto Repair Tools: Why You Need to Bring it Everyday?

Did i mentioned before that the line of specialization of my father is on mechanics. He holds the title as Mechanical Enginner and his former work experience touches on different enviroment. He was once a part of bottling company then later on joined an oil refinery. At present, he is at a service center for cars and this time around he supervises car engines and addresses certain maintenance stuff. There was one time where we dropped at home because our car was not working well. The driver was complaining that we might not be able to arrive safely. Since they dont have any idea about my father, i decided to drive home and asked the father to check our engine. Good thing my father has automotive repair tools and fix our car. The driver was so amased how he has perfectly tuned in the vehicle. Unluckily, he didnt bring his automotive repair tools so he cant do anything to fix the problem. I figured, its deemed important to always bring in your auto repair tools especially if youre on long travel.WE dont know what will happend on the street and for safety purposes, its just right to consider some such untoward incident.

Food for the Soul

You've got to live life, not think about it. Step into the midst of things, try and fail and learn and stand up again. The question is not whether you will or will not make mistakes - you will. The question is do you want to learn and grow, or do you want to shrink back and be stuck? Take that step you've been avoiding. You can succeed, or you can get feedback that it didn't work, but in either case you are sure to feel alive.

The Role of Greenhouses

The devastating effect of abusing our environment has just started. Did you watch the television of the recent updates of the terrific flooding that happened nearby? Isnt it frustrating? Hundreds of lives were killed because of the illegal logging activity of the place. A weather man just talked over the television telling the anchor man that long before they warned the local officials of the possible flooding incident of the place. They have found out that the said place is prone to such disaster and that early warning device should be installed. Far from that, i certainly believe that those local government officials failed to consider the urgency of the move. That they didnt realise that it will happen so soon. Indeed, its our role to give back to MOther Nature. If it isnt possible then the least thing that you can do is never abuse the environment isntead help conserve and care for it. I salute some men who patronize Greenhouse Supplies. I knew the importance of Greenhouse and later on im very sure we will be strating to desperately nurture our resources. Hopefully it will happen soon. For now, allow me to browse on Greenhouses. I need to check which of them is an affordable find.

A Nice Carpet for your Home

Do you have any home improvement plans at present? I do have few ideas to add on to our simple nest but right now, we still have to prioritize our sister. I knew in due time we can focus on that improvement plans. I knew for a fact that we all want to have a great place to live in. Not for any other reason but having roof where you can sleep comfortably is something else. But of course, thinking alone of the cost that you might inccur would surely gives you some doubts to pursue such plans especially nowadays that the cost of the commodity isnt as affordable as before.

In any case,i knew we always have this wish to give due credits to our parents and we can make them happy if we could give them a nice home as present to them. Like yours, i am slowly thinking of fixing our home gradually. Well, its isnt easy especially if you still have other obligations to consider. For once, i was thinking of having our floor tiled. Its very important to me to have a clean and presentable flooring but for now i guess ill settle in buying a carpet. This flooring tool is also a good find especially if you want to make your floor presentable to your visitors. How about you, whats your recent find?

Rainy and Cold Afternoon

I was able to have myself rested after the finishing some tasks, Now im back to do more. Who says being a blogger is an easy endeavor? Not if you have few deadlines to meet. Like now, im cramming because i need to finish some tasks before it expires and i have to save few bucks for the rainy days. I just cant slip few dollars because of my lazy butt. I want to grab every opportunity that came my way.

Well, i forgot to mention about a former classmate who recently message me. Shes still so down to earth. She is the marketing manager of Unilever and yet she has not changed. She told me that she will be coming over and she wants to meet ups with some of our friends. We became close friends because we were seatmates then. During flag ceremony, we would normally find ourselves at the end of the line because of our height. Since then, i became close to their family. Ohh, i remember her mother and she so adorable as always.

A Dream Israel Tour

I'd love to take some break now. Promise, i feel so exhausted right after the holiday. I spent almost a week getting gifts, preparing for home needs and of course planning out our Christmas Party. Now that all the holiday pressures are slowly vanishing, i felt i wanna visit some friends or take an adventure. Wowo, it seems like an escapade are just for well-off individual. I dont belong either to any of the socialite group so the fair bargain is a beach adventure. I knew most of us can relate that whenever we feel we want to escape from the pressure,we wanted to have an overnight stay or a getaway at the nearbu place. Some relatives told me that a beach resort nearby is a good destination. Its affordable and accessible. They're near the highway and at present they already have mini cottages which can accommodate an overnight stay. Id love to plan for a beach adventure but because we all have limited time for now then i guess it would just happen on the summer month.

Anyway, speaking for getaway, Who among us here had avail of Israel Tour? I knew Israel is a holy place and there are lots of historical places that i would love to visit. I dont know how much is the package for a Tour to Israel but regardless of the amount you will spend, it will surely be worth of every penny you spend. If given the chance, id loke to take a tour on Bar mitzvah tours Israel. Ive heard few good words about such tours and while having this journey ill never stop wishing that one day i can step my feet on the holy city. So, where is your dream destination? Is that a local or international travel? I hope your travel wishlist will be granted soon.

Cell Phone Batteries on Sale

My mother sibling oftentimes visits the house. He would just stay here for awhile and sometimes they just park their motorcylcle at home and attend to some errands. It came into my knowledge that its their second motorcyle since they're furst purchased was not that good. They pay quite a big amount already at the first one and they just knew later that the engines on that vehicle was not that durable. Since her wife was afraid taking some risks especially that the uncle used it mots of the time, they decided to sell it before any accident happened. The second motorcyle was purchased when they got their loan from an accredited agency. In fairness, it looks refreshing and the uncle told me that the engine was first class. I hope they were able to find discount batteries so that they could save few bucks. The other day i was looking for cell phone batteries at the mall for my other phone and luckily i bought it in a discounted price. The saleslady told me that its their holiday sale and im lucky indeed to ha avail of the promo. Im planning to check the store soon for my sister's battery too. Anyway, since the uncle visited yesterday and had their lunch at home. I asked him about his motorcycle batteries and hos is it doing and he told me that so far since the purchased he encouters no problem. Its a good news since it means theres no additional cost yet. well, folks for any purchase youre planning this holiday make sure you check the item and have it rechecked before bringing it home. Just a tip so that you will not end up suffering for a consequence. Its your hard earned money so you deserve a merchandise equally precious as your bucks.

It Means Serenity

Your Home Means Serenity

You like your home to be a sanctuary. You keep it as close to an oasis as possible.

Highly sensitive, you are not a fan of too much chaos, noise, or clutter.

You can be a wallflower at times. You find it peaceful to sit back and observe.

Your home is the most calming place that you know of. You have made sure of it.

Invest on id Printer


Our desktop has finally lost its life.With that the printer was not able to be used since then. I kinda feel frustrated since the printer was brand new when we purchased it and just end up as while elephant until now. Back then, we will spend most fo the time playing online games and other fun games installed at the computer. We had a variety of games there so most of the time we spent our wee hours trying to challenge the latter. Anyway, there had been so much things that the desktop has done for us especially to my sister. She would just encode all her stuff there and print it right away. Sometimes, she would ask her classmates to contribute for their projects and she would do it at the house. Business wise, there was a time where she accepted encoding and printing and in fairness the output was incredible. Truly, this time where typewriter is no place its actually an advantage having your own printer.

Speaking of printers, it would be a nice venture to invest on id making since i seldom see at the local which specializes in id making. I do mean of fast id making which allows your customers to just wait for a minute while printing there respective id's. An id badge printer costs just a few bucks and the return of investment is quite high, what about that? Surely, if i have enough budget ill surely invest on id printer and open a little store nearby. I figured, a stall near at school seems to be so feasible, right? I guess i need to check out some id printer on sale just in case i am ready for investment then ill surely pick this endeavor. Its not wise to stick on the usual one job, its high time to look for other investment facets, right guys?

Familiar with Diablo Sport?


I had a neighbor back then at my former apartment. He specializes on Internet Technology and if i remember it right, he is one of the achievers at their batch when they graduated. He used to join us during hang outs and in one of those moments, we get to chitchats about the world of programming. I told him that the latter is the hardest field in the world of education. I dont know but i dont have a thing on programming although i would love to study it. I just had this thought that its hard to program those codes and i remember him saying that even just a single dash would change the entire thing. Ohh well, i sometimes am clumsy on periods and other hypernotes are sometimes taken forgranted so with programming being feed on me, ill surely be lost.

But theres really no impossible thing in the advent of technology. Just imagine me being the administrator of four sites. Humbly speaking, i owe a lot to my patient ass for being able to come up with this endeavor.Anyway, if ill have the chance to pursue another career or field. I would gladly take up a course on programming. Just lately, im thinking of getting a huge benefits if ill pursue some course about this stuff.At the same time, having a little background on computers makes me a little knowledgeable on its gadgets, hardware and software stuff. For instance, just today a friend inquire me about HPTuners and about diablo sport. I cant say anything since i dont have a thing on it. Instead i let her browse the net and search for j2534. Gladly, she was able to find an answer on her query. What a powerful tool indeed.Absoultely anything are searchable on the net. From the least stuff to the uncommon gadgets, they're all there on the search engines.

Looking for Baker Furniture?

Yesterday, i had a chance to visit a relative's house.This is the great thing about the holiday. You have the excuse to visit your relatives house and maybe checked out some good things on them. The relative's house is located at the heart of the place. They're near with the church and just a street away from our former roof. Anyway, i got to see few Baker furniture while i let my eyes enjoyed rolling over at some good finds. Their house is a two storey roof and with an antique theme. They still have the hanging frames, the famous jars and even the antique fork and spoon that i rarely see now. I always love to see those old decors because i got to remember my grandmom's old house. We used to stay at their house before my father build our own house. Its actually made up of sturdy log which my father told us that it came from our old folks and was just passed over when they passed away. My grandmom's house was loaded with old decors but i could sense that it was the most durable decors ive ever seen. They have the old buddha, the big cds and even the kitchenwares which were truly fantastic. I remember my mom telling me that if the relative would just allow to bring those stuff, she would really bring that home since its a good investment and last for lifetime.

You can hardly buy such stuff now. In fact, antique stores sells such stuff at a double if not triple of its original price. Thats why if you love to decorate your home with antique furnitures or any decors for that matter then check out some Drexel Heritage. Its indeed a good find since it embraces classic American and European style. Get a Drexel Heritage for your own home for an investment that lasts for years.

Good Morning

Hows your sleep folks? I hope you did had a great sleep? As of me, i had a great sleep although i slept late last night. We chatted with my honey about midnight and since he was in a hurry for friends meet up, i end up taking my rest. I sent hin our pictures on the holiday and he was so happy seeing the entire family. On some happy note, our relatives came over yesterday and some of our close friends too. Im happy that it became a tradition for some family members to have their lunch at the house and catch each other's lives. This coming week a visitor will come over to spend the holiday with us. Well, do have a great day guys. Still doing few reviews, hope to finish them the soonest before work resume.

Scout for Affordable Home Decor

The entire family is complete this holiday. I kinda loved seeing my other siblings bonding to death. Most of the time we will be catching up with each others lives and half of the moments are spent telling funny and nonsense stuff. Indeed, youre greatest treasure in this world is your family. No matter how wealth you are, how many trophies your had and whatever prefixes attached in your name, at the end of the day its still those memorable times you spent with your loved ones that gives you a genuine smile. Lately, we were talking about some stuff in the future, our plans and our dreams. This coming year is a milestone for the family since our youngest will finally take her board exam and whatever results it may have would surely be a life changing for everyone. On the other hand, the father had already decided to have an early retirement so in few years he will be taking his take home retirement package and i knew its quite a huge amount. To that, we are simply planning to invest into something that would give us a high yield. But of course, our topmost plan is to have our house renovated. We are planning to make it a two storey roof and maybe have a little lawn for family gatherings. With that, i couldnt help myself from checking out possible home decorating stores and scout for affordable home decor. I have a thing on home decorations and most of the time if im left alone, i will rearrange our furnitures and if i have excess on my budget, i will buy affordable home decor. I love to make our home a little presentable for the visitors but right now i decided to stop planning for little renovations and painting since it would be soon be fix.

When is the Perfect Time to Conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Being employed doesnt guarantee anything. I mean the financial stability of any individual has come up with so many checklist and oftentimes the regular means of living where we get mostly our daily needs sometimes is not enough. However, having a regular job has something to say in terms of the comfortability of your living. For instance, having a regular income allows you to buy some extra stuff since the income is constant every month. Youre paycheck is as good as cash of course considering that you dont have any debt to fix. Another advantage, if you belong to the corporate world is having the chance to experience extreme socialization. You get to meet a lot of people from different walks of life and as what we converse few days ago with an office mate, being at work allows your to me mentally active especially if you ar under pressure. Indeed, this facts explains why many of us sought to be employed, right?

Nonetheless, it isnt easy to find a job especially if your qualifications is far from what the market needs. Its important to foresee the prediction markets and take a course that gives you so much chance to be in the workplace soon. A company normally gets people who are competitive and will be instrumental in the attainment of the organizational goals and obejectives. Its very vital to them to have employee engagement and great emloyee and emplyer relationship. Thats why most company conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey to know how their employee is doing in terms of their performance. WE actually had that before and its actually done every end of the year.WEll, if you want to know your feedback in terms of your performace then check out your performance sheet which is readily available at your human resource department. That way you'll get to know your strengths and weaknesses.