Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank God Its Friday

Good morning folks, A cold air seems to make my butt lazy but gladly i decided to come to work. I don't know but i have this feelings sometimes that made me lazy to go to the office. Anyway, the honey called up so early, he is checking out how was i doing. He is always like that all the time and do it few times a day. Despite us being kinda miles away yet we feel so close. We talked about almost anything that happened in a day. I hope his bill is not quite disappointing (lol). Now, i believe that a guy will do everything if he indeed loves you and if he has sincere motives towards you. I dont remember a day that he frustrates me although we have our own share of curve balls and the typical lovers quarrel but we do argue on instances about other people, about some decisions i forgot to tell him and about stubborn things i did that he eventually learned (hehehe). I actually cant describe how excited i am for his month long vacation this year. I decided the date so that i can fix my schedule. Been planning and scouting the best things to do and visit yet i still dont know how to start the planning. Im still not decided if i would let him visit my place or plan for a dine out together with my loved ones. I figured that sometimes the most important happening in our lifee needs to be private. Still by now, i dont have plans to disclose the date and the things that will happened this year. Its kinda nice to keep people guessing and they themselves would eventually learn in  due time. Have a blessed day guys.