Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday's Blah

Im pretty exhausted from work but im doing just fine. Its been raining for few days and i can sense that im feeling not better, physically. Been sneezing for quite sometime and the hubby told me to get a thick blanket when im at bed. Funny, but the honey has the allergy too because of the very cold temperature, he said they have -4 so far and he has the automatic heater at his house turned on the entire day. I told him to have a coat whenever he will leave from the house and he did now, thank God for taking my advise. Speaking of flu, well i cant afford to be sick this time, at least not now. I do have plenty of things to do including my work and some errands. I'm planning to do it tomorrow as the hubby will sent the allowance tonight but since i need to save some bucks, i will just do all the chores and offline thing by Saturday. The sister already texted me of her allowance and i need to send it either tomorrow or by Friday. Gosh, so many expenses at queue but i knew problems just don't stop for as long as you're alive and life ends when you stop believing and hope ends when you stop dreaming. So right now, im always full of hope and dreams because i knew one day ill harvest the fruit of every tree that i plant now.