Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hows your Evening?

Hows your evening so far guys? are u still awake or asleep already, as for me i am still infront of my pc, searching the net for interesting stuff to read, im a bit lazy to update my blog but have no choice but to do so because i still have to edit my post at PPP. This coming thursday and friday ill be off because its the 1st death anniversary of my grandmom, we prepared something at the house that is why i have to be there. I still have lots of pending works at the office, we have lots of visitors this week so im running out of time. The goodnews, i will not anymore be that tired for my sales report because my boss adviced me to just submit it at 6 am in the morning, not: usually i submit right after dispatching, our time for loading is usually between 2 - 3 am in the morning.