Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meeting the Right Man

When can u say that you have meet the person youve been longing for? Is it when u finally feel strange feelings towards the person or Is it when u have seen in his eyes your dreams reflections? Meaning you have ultimately wished him to be in your future? well its something so sweet to talk about from the sweet author itself, but i still want to talk about it. All of us look forward to a day wherein we can say that this is the day we're looking forward to, i am also wishing and dreaming for that day, for that day to happen, it should be the day where i can find the man of my dreams, no second thought of wishing him to be the father of my children, being happy just merely by talking to him, caressing his back whenever he is so tired after a stressful day, cokking for him though youre not that expert at all but you still want to try because you want to cook his favorite food, well maybe its so exaggerated, is it? but those things can possibly happen or maybe not happen but having the man you love will simply give syou the energy to do the extreme to the simpliest things in life. BUt for now, as i told him, i just want to eat ice cream with you, he asked me why, well i cannot think of the very good reason to him, he said then "One ice cream each?, I said yes but then he said " It maybe great if we can have one ice cream", i was curious and os i asked him,why only one? he said " Maybe one cone signifies us being one." thats the sweetest thing i ever heard even sweeter thatn the happily ever after, disney has once said.

Birthday Blash

Today i attended a birthday celebration on of the boarders on the compund, it was a great ceebration attended by people from different rooms. All the while i just had the thought that indeed being independent means being responsible all the time coz unlike if youre living with your parents, i need not to cook, i need not to do the laudry, i need not to worry the bills coz everything is provided. My parents does that for me since i was just a fetus in my mothers womb, nonetheless i need not to complain coz i have the edge from the rest, it has taught me a lot of things, lessons and tests hard earned in this struggle of journey called life.