Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Lots of stories to tell, but as much as i wanted to open up everything, i wanted to kept a little for me and shared those happy memories.wink*, just the other day, was chosen as judged by a Barangay singing contest, i am not a good singer or a singer for that matter. But perhaps they just wanted to choose me.hehhe. Well what happened was worst than i expected, there was cahos and trouble after we've given the results, because one of their Councilor reacted as far their arrangements are concerned, though we knew its already beyond our jurisdiction but the thought that this drunk man is having his scene at the stage frightened me. Of course, who wouldnt? in a place when i know nothing - who will i be with if trouble arises. But i met a good man, a professor who was the chairman of the panel of judges and he was really so gentleman, he offer to assist me even on my way home. But though it was sort of horrific, funny but quite a memorable experience.


This coming saturday is the birthday of my beloved sister, well i just have this advanced posting coz i might forgot to greet her on her special day. To those who dont know her, she is the best sister in the world, really. Through thick and thin shes always there for me. I am grateful that i have her and we have her in the family. Were like bestfriends, we usually asked each other adviced in terms of fashion, i mostly cried on her shoulder when we parted ways with my bf, when shortcomings arises, we really handles it so well. You know what i appreciates her the most is that she has the childish act that i loved, we both loves lollipos and ice cream, we love window shopping, i love my shoes collection as much as i love her cards and stationaries. Though we have fights once in a while but we managed to be really so good in handling them. To my little sister, who mean the world to me, I may seldom tell you this but you are the best sister in the world, you are my bestfriend and a buddy who really proves to me at all times that friendship is about taking each other beyond conditions. I love u


I guess all of u guys are familiar with Socialspark, its like a sister company of Payperpost, i am actually just new to the site and what amazed me is that, i check my email once and found a notifocation that there is available opps for me, but then when i checked it, the task was not anymore available, well, i wanted to know if is it really like that? I mean you have to be so fast to reserve them immedietly like PPP before? Well if thats the case maybe i might start my chasing skills.hehhe