Monday, November 14, 2011

LOve Thoughts

"Any girl can love a million boys, But it takes a great to love a man in a million ways."

Its been quite awhile since i last posted about my honey pie. So this time, i will give him a much deserved post about him. Im sure you would complain how i so much talk about my man. I admit i am and i will always do because ill never get tired of shouting to the world how i found i great man. Im really so attached to this man and honestly i never loved this way before. Its my first time to be treated like a princess, to be pleased everyday and to be respected like i want to be. He is the only man who have accepted the entirety of me and made me feel secured and love. I am never stressed with the relationship and i just find myself happy and with peace of mind everyday. BUt of course one thing that made me so attached to him is the fact that he didnt made me a second option. Always, he will make sure that i am having the best of him and everything he has. Ohhh, im getting so senti. Anyway, i love you so much honey.

Finding a Broker Dealer

Managing our finances is something that should be the topmost of our priority. We should never depend on the present but instead think ahead. Consider the future and things that will be happening if what you foresee didnt materialize. I'd like to think that people seems to enjoy fully what is grasp in their present hands but failed to consider what will hapeen when they look out of sight. If you think you have excess then better save some for rainy days. Thats what they're telling me eversince but because im a certified spender i never and didnt ever listen to my friends. But i had set aside savings account for my future use but still was not enough especially if im in the mood to shop. I am a risk taker and i am not afraid to take another road because i do believe that sometimes happiness cannot be grasp easily. You have to experiment and you have to take both roads. I came into a point where the road that i took seems to be a little roughy compared to the previous roads that i was taking. At first, i was kinda hesitant to accept things because i knew i will struggle. Nonetheless, i keep my faith intact and focus on my goals. It was quite hard to take diverse roads but it was all worth it. I realised i am competitive and i am thankful that i did the choice because i will never be as happy and contented as i am today if im not brave enough to face the reality.

Oh well, our finances will always change. Sometimes you have enough while there are days where you cant even buy for your own meal. What a disgrace but lets face it, its the reality. So for people out there who are quite in excess of their finances and wanna try some investments then its about time to consider a Broker dealer. You can find the best independent broker dealers at some online resources and im sure they are the best in the field and theyre professional expertise would surely bring yoour investment into a hype.However, if you want to try an Independent broker dealer, you can also do that and i urge you to ask your friends help for their recommendations.