Monday, June 7, 2010


I bet everyone is going crazy now for the NBA finals, the Game 1 was for Lakers and today (Game 2) Boston Celtics was lucky enough to turn down the balls. My brother who is a basketball fanatic was late for his work coz he watched first the game befor going off for duty and myslef was not an exemption to that, good thing we dont have duty now so i wa slucky enough to watch the game live. Well guys, who do u bet for? Are you for Lakers or for Boston? Me is a certified Lakers fan, so watch out guys!


This the nth time ive been ranting about how hot our place is, not only even my place but the entire world. Like its not normal anymore, going back few years ago the sun's heat gives refreshment and it was still pretty good but now, just try to be walking outside with the heat of the sun and youll realize how our ozone layer really becomes so thinnerm your skin will really be reddish because of too much heat from the sun. Sometimes i want to take a bath every hour just to feel cool and to prevent the smell of sweating but i really cant help it ranting about this stuffm hope this abnormal weather condition will end soon.
I just arrived from the mall coz i buy basic stuff for the house. While i was doing the grocery, the light suddenly turned off and it took them minutes before the generator took its place. Well it sounds thiefs and robbers are on itss best foot. Anyways, i just took a nap after a tiring day. How about u guys?