Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Must Read This....

Ive been hearing left and right about the possible doomsday in 2012. In forums, this is the most trend question because of what had happend in Japan. Is the tsunami and the monster earthquake says something eles? or possibly this gave hint to the predictions of fortune tellers about the coming end of the world for 2012. I dont know why, but when the movie 2012 was just coming, i really wanted to see the movie not for excitement purposes but for cuirousity's sake. I am curius of the storyline of the movie because i had really read alot far before this movie came into the movie world. I dont want to scare anyone but i am at this hour believed that 2012 may happen and will happen. The movie was terribly shocking. You can see massive of people being wipe out of floods, the world has indeed came into an end. Natural catastrophe may be natural in its sense because as science explains it, there are scientific explanations why these and that happend and its occurence is always supported by terms and explanatiosn based onf scientific data. I studied science and believes in the wisdom of our scientist. But, more or less, i certainly believe in things that science cant explain. Its the power beyond science that natural catastrophe has.
If 2012 has a ground then its time to reflect and if this shocking disasters are just a hint for us, then i guess its time to do something eles. Of course we can never stop the ending of this world and if regeneration is true then possibly this is our last year in this world and by 2013 in our world's calendar, there may be new sets of people who will rule the world with their own way of living and its own history. Our life may come to an end but history repeats itself. What will happen in teh future is still uncertain but what we can do today is what is certain.
Lets figure this out:

World Trade Bombing which was one of the most terrfying terrorists attack hapend last 09/11/2001 while Japan's Monster quake happend last March 11, 2011 or 03/11/11. If were going to add both dates. See what comes out! SCARY

September 11, 2001 or 09/11/01
March 11, 2011 or 03/11/11

if we're going to add these two dates _________

its............. 12/22/12

Is this coincidence?

This Day.... still raining though we expect it as the weather forecast said so, nonetheless it doesnt stops us from doing our laundry. Good thing my laudry was done the other day and if the sun comes up, i wouldnt have problem drying them up. Anyway, i should have take some rest today because i kinda expect a busy days this coming week. We have new clients coming and i will be working with new niches, i have many pending task that need to be done the soonest, in fact i am working for a new task right now but just set aside first because i wanted to do some updates first.
I always love sunday because aside from the fact that we are complete as family, this is also the best time for me to stay at home and sleep the most hours. I could rest really well and bond with my nephews. Its still messy at home, in fact i asked someone to do some cleaning because i dont like the smell of the house after those floods that ht us. Before i end this post, i just wanna share with you how grateful and lucky i am this week and for he coming week. I just closed a deal with a client and so far im doing a project for him until the coming days. well, i just mean one thing, that my online earnings will really be good and hope it will continue. Ciao for now guys and Hapy Sunday!