Friday, August 21, 2009

My Phone

If you still remember i post before about this mobile phone of mine. actually bought two brand new phone and that includes this one, its M120 - samsung. At first it was good, though its not that user friendly but im afraid nowadays i am experiencing my phone battery to be empty immediatly. I dont know whats the problem. Anyway, i guess i need to avail of its warranty service for this to be checked the soonest.

Yellow Slipper

Boy, its not because of Ninoy Aquino's day that i bought this yellow slipper, heheh. It just happened that when i went to the mall my sandals seems to be not in good condition that is why i was able to buy this stuff. Its just cheap coz i am thinking that i have lots of slippers there, just for that day to make myself comfortable. Its actually a yellow slipper and its brand is "planet", what was good was its so comfortable to wear.

Weekend Update

Well hows was your day doing guys? As for me i did had a stressful day, I and my sister went to downtown to do our weekly grocery. We also had window shopping after which i did had my laundry coz i bought some of my clothes home so that i could washed it personally, I am doing this post at an internet cafe coz i dont want to miss updates from my friends. Anyway, i wish a you had a wonderful day.