Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Isnt is fantastic?

I personally is a shoe fanatic, i love to buy shoes with fantastic styles and colors, i always make sure that my dress will fit in the color of my shoes, i love to experiment styles and be fashionable as possible. I am not actually buying expensive foot wear, for as long as its great but affordable, then i will take it. I've browse this website, wherein it offers a variety of foot needs, down to shoes, accesories, foot needs and all toe-related sruff, i also was able to see that cute stuff above.

A Journey from the Past

....thats how i named my second blog, this is where i post all my emotional burden and all heart stuff, well if you want to know more and be updated with my personal tingy, then its the right place to visit, hope youll link my blog
I will be posting a very significant news with regards to personal status,,.hmmmm..

Help pls...

I actually has another blog which i created late last year, i wanted to put in in this blog so that it would be easily seen by my visitors, the problem is i dont know how to add another sheet where i can put my other blog..hmmm, does anyone here knows how?

Did you know that....

...the painting of Mona lisa done by Leonardo da Vinci has no eyebrows, well, take a second look of this familiar painting, isnt is amazing? I really dont know this, until yesterday when an office mate of mine, told such story, i was so curious that i intend to reserach at the net. True you know, it pays to listen...hehehhe