Saturday, May 29, 2010


When choices arise, its still whats best for us and what we think at that moment that will give us peace of mind that will surely win the game. Winning is not at all times about having a happy ending, not even about a fullfilment of a wish or dream but at the end of the day sometimes winning defines as having to wake up one morning feeling contented and to have the right reason to smile. Having a feeling of being so ruined and broken create a big difference to someone elses life. When sometimes you even bargain to do anything for that person - up to that extent yet still, not enough. Then should you settle for anything less just to fullfill the meotion of being loved? or should you run after him and shout to the entire world that this person means a lot to you. Sometimes out of the blue feeling, i am tempted really to do the stupid and the worst things a woman could ever do for love, out of desperation perhaps, like begging and trade anything he wants just to win him back BUT the thought alone hurts me, how much more the act itself. Remembering our times and our memories couldnt really be of help, just making things worst. I kept telling myself that things has its own time and that the journey ha sits own moment and things just happened if its really GOd's willing. Which made me think that God really and purposely break our ties, to have separate lives. He really intends to make my path away from him, as to what purpose and reason, i still dont know by now.
I am sacred to fall in love again, i am scared that i might be hurt again, i am scared of the possiblity of being played all over again. BUT HE promised of a love that is beyond compare, and for a life that was made out of sincere love, i know whoever that person i am about to meet , it will be a promise of sincere love, that THEY once had wasted.


It was definitely hot, true, i was sweatinga lot, really so hard while we were on our way back after seeing an apartment which we found in the city. The house was nice, it was fully airconditioned but i knew its not suited in us, why? because it has small space, we are tall and the second floor i think is just as small as a 4 feet tall girl. I swear it was just good to those who havent took their vitamins while they were small.hehehe..wink*. Anyways, i had a tiring and stressful day, i did the grocery and buy some important stuff, from my personal to the least basic like foods and junkfoods. I also went to the laundystore coz i already has lots of dirty clothes after which i just did some window shopping but still i couldnt help but but my favovite havainas pair, good thing i bought it in a good price. My friend texted me if i wanted to watch movie, i decided not to, coz i knew i am already so tired to do that, besides needs to do something important. Well i must admit that i missed my sister now, coz i use to ask her to be my buddy when malling but i should not be worried after we find our new home then for sure she will be here most of the time. Well, about u guys? anything special for now?


I remember my professor way back in my college years, he was our professor on our major subject on public governance, he is actually the former commisioner of COA, i couldnt help but remember him, as ive watched the news about the different scandals and issues the COMELEC is facing and previous controversies that involves the agency. Of course as a taxpayer i dont want to be silent about this matters especially if it involves the credibility of this department. They are not controlled by any executive or maybe under controlled by any department. They are independent body like COA. I use to admire COMELEC before because of course of the great performance they once had and the good track record they have, but now after all that came out, my confidence towards this body seems to lose and worst im losing it. From the ballot secrecy folder to the indelible ink and now to the new issue about the warehouse that theyre using for the temporary storage of the elections paraphernalias, i mean the auditing body has reported that COMELEC could save a lot if they have build their own warehouse than renting a figure of millions of pesos every month. I dont understand why it end up this way and i dont understand too why this issues came out just now, when their are commisions who oversee the expenses of every department but sad to say they have toleratde this things.
I remember a friend of mine who use to pay 9k a month for his tax, she is complaining about how gogevrnement is very aggresive in getting tax from every working individual when sadly it just goes to one's pocket. I hope thsi coming new adminastration, reform will takes place and of course hopefully our confidence to the goverment will eventually be back. Its us who make sthis government survives. I hope once and for all, its for us and for us alone that will be the best interest.