Monday, October 3, 2011

JUst for an Update

Hows the weekend for you guys? I am presently dealing with my UTI stuff again and my hubby decided that i should not go to work and rest instead. I am supposed to just go to the office but then my partner seems to be my guard that he called me up every hour just to know if im doing fine. He knew how bad my UTI is so he just wants me to be well soon. The last time in fact gave me a few days with fever and chilling. Good thing my brother has a medicine for my stuff so i just texted by brother whenever i am dealing with this illness.

Hopefully, i will be fine by tomorrow and be back with my normal stuff. I really appreciate having a partner as sweet and as thoughtful as my man. Thats why i never get tired of telling him how much he means to me, everyday.

The Thrill of Online Gaming

Its a fact that most people nowadays are hooked on online gaming. Just pass by an internet cafe anywhere at your place and you will be surprise to see youngsters passionately cheering for a car racing game. Nevertheless, its not only them that are addicted to online games. How about your favorite cityville and farmville, how often do you play the game?

Certainly, the old school games became out of trends because of the comfort of mouse clicking. Other than that, you dont need to look for someone else to play for you because virtual games are designed to be played alone with a realistic and thrilling scenario. But of course there are still games like casino betting and online baccarat that still the most favorite pastime for some. Have you tried playing online baccarat? If you havent then you absolutely missed a half of your life. Check out them now.