Friday, August 31, 2012

Learn to Manage Stress by Self-Hypnosis

If there's one thing i want to get rid of these days, it's to manage my stress level. Its something that really made my brain feels drained and my system is out of control. It made me lay in bed that soon and sleep that early. Of course, i dont want to have this nightly routine and i want to enjoy some usual night stuff like others. As they say, stress just create chaos in our respective life so its just right to get a perfect solution to this mind disturbance thing. I dont know how you basically deal with this, maybe an early nap will do but eventually there are great techniques out there that we can take advantage of like to get self help. One of those i am referring to is self hypnosis which really intrigues me a lot. Well, i always thought that this things is just about unwarranted magical rituals to take advantage of others. I often heard this being used to take advantage of others and maybe some magical rituals as they say, giving hypnosis a dubious image for everyone.

The good news actually, hypnosis mp3s is just something that we can use to achieve deep relaxation. This technique is a perfect tool for stress management as well giving you mind and body a relaxation benefit through a hypnotic state. Its actually a nice approach to actually freshen up your mind and thus, make you feel rejuvenated after. If you're thinking about the price then leave it coz its actually at no cost. No medication, no drugs and no other herbal supplements being taken. Its just a mere body technique and maybe some mind exercise to perform to basically gets you in a state of mind where you can leave your consciousness temporarily.

Meditation is the key to have a perfect hypnosis state and it requires focus and concentration.If you actually find this technique really helpful then its easy to try. Check out self help websites that provides various ways and really are helpful resources when it comes to self hypnosis. Follow their respective mind exercise and who knows you get the perfect tool to prevent your stress level from dominating your body system.

Now stress can't win out anymore. I understand how you feel disappointed over this thing and i do too the past years. Just that, we have to learn how to fight for this and leave those sleeping pills and other pills. We don't need it. The key is the right focus, mind discipline and a special state of mind to freshen up everything.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Respect for Bloggers

I knew most of you guys who lived in the country where a controversial senator was criticized for plagiarism maybe was a little disturbed with a short phrase from him saying:

“Ba’t ko naman iko-quote yung blogger? Blogger lang yun.

Quoted by Senator Sotto referring to a US based blogger of "The Healthy Home Economics". I actually didn't knew at first if i grasp is right or maybe i am just a little different in the sense that i am also a blogger like Sarah. In the very first place, whether the speech of the Senator is copied or not, he actually has no right nor should he put down the any blogger in general. I don't think he mean it that way but the way he phrased it, i sense it a little disrespect for a blogger like me. Well, the notion maybe - bloggers have no permanent income. We just write our dreams, personal circumstance as they quote it to be:

“Iyon pala, parang libro yata daw iyon sa Internet na nilalagay mo doon ang iyong mga panaginip, mga opinyon, mga ideya, mga kaalaman.

Bloggers for them are maybe just people who have all the time in the world to share their dreams and aspirations and anything that is like a waste of time. Ohh yeah, belittling these no permanent career is something that maybe right for them. But then, these days where people breath in the internet, i don't think our role as "writers of life" maybe be taken for granted. Just for instance, bloggers contribute a lot to anything that you do search for. Our blogs are sometimes your resources, your place of interest, you gossip hub and maybe at some point our online portals became your inspiration in anything you struggle of.

You see blogger contribute a lot in as much as bringing vibrant and meaning to the world of internet. We may just be a mere "blogger" but every time we hit the publish button, our posts go a long way and influence many lives whether we gain the credit or not :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Enjoying the Holiday

Seems like Malacanang is giving so many holidays the past weeks. Last week, two days extended holiday in a row and this week the start of work is tomorrow. Its nice to stay and enjoy our respective family bonding. We can wake up late and enjoy some great time.Apart from that you can also watch TV Online and enjoy every episode. While me is just hanging around. I finished some household tasks and is ready for a productive week ahead.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love to Have You Here Fairy Hobmother

Spread the joy and happiness Fairy Hobmother. I would love to have you here and grant me my wish. Well, if you believe in fairies and have some wish lately then its time to call our fairy and who knows you're wish will be granted. I heard about the blog fairy and i stalk him so now im starting to spread the words about him. 

I hope to see you soon my sough after fairy!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Who Became Rich through Internet?

Find out who at my recently published People who are Rich Thanks to the Internet. I came to know who are the people earning huge bucks in the worldwide web. I never really expect that we can earn at the internet before i knew blogging but now that im earning a little, i am a disciple of people who are passionate on earning online. I started blogging few years ago, not actually to make this as my bread and butter, just to air out my stories and unending tale but now i have a passive income without me knowing. I didn't even realize i do earn more sometimes and its kinda rewarding to close a deal with a direct advertiser.Just recently, the biggest direct blog post i had at my niche site gave me an instant 90 euro in just one post. They're a German company so they paid bloggers with their currency.


So guys, there's really nothing wrong to give it a try. Who knows you can discover you're best means of earning online. I just started focusing on this few years back and though i don't have enough background, i just try my luck. Now, i am still struggling but this time i am aiming better.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Same Day Approval for Bad Credit Loans

Speaking of loans, i was really tempted to get one few days ago as i don't have any idea where to get the funds i will be using for the upcoming fiesta. Although, the hubby is just a text away but i still want to avail first some options if possible. But well, i wasn't able to do the plan since my partner just took charge of everything. I didn't knew that he just do the wiring without me knowing and before i knew it i had it the following day. Personally, i want to be practical when spending for some lavish occasions. Yes, there are times that i'm in the mood to really spend a lot but there are really days where i want to be practical. Like, if i need to prepare just enough then i would. Maybe, i am just slowly progressing in my personal finance matter (lol). So, if i am to get loan, i would like to have a same day approval. I hate so many papers to fill in and a mountain of requirements. I guess you feel the same too, right? I mean most of the lenders would really require the applicant to submit a lot of nonsense documents when at the end of the day, it should just be proof of the capability of an applicant to repay the debt. It should just be as simple as like that.


So for people who have bad credit or no credit then there's no time to have a second thought of getting some loans. The good news, you can avail of  loans for bad credit despite of your credit rating. There's nothing more needed other than your signature so spread the good news and have your friends avail of Personal Loans for Bad Credit. Now, that's the awesome news ive even heared of hence i havent heared yet of  a lender having some loose system in terms of the approval for loans, So, its just right to grab the chance and avail of Bad Credit loans to settle some basic bills and other necessities.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Does my Handbag Says About Me?

Good morning fellows!!! Im back after some tiring preparation. I had a great time with some of my close friends and relatives. It was simple yet i found the warmth love from our closest friends who came and visited us. My uncle is still with us and it just feels good having him around. But still, i will have a long day, need to do some errands. So before i forgot or loss the mood, here's a quick blog quiz i took.

What Your Handbag Says About You

You are concerned with how you appear. Projecting your high status is important to you.

You tend to be relaxed throughout the day. You are naturally at peace.

You tend to be on high alert. You are very aware of your surroundings.

You are a high maintenance person. You feel lost outside of your normal environment.

You are open and comfortable with who you are. You don't hide anything.

You are practical and down to earth. You tend to be a rather reserved and quiet person.

You are a very unique and special person. There's no one else who is anything like you.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Burned 9 Months Old Baby

I was teasing a nephew when some friends passed by with some disgusting facial expressions.At first, i didnt mind them talking loudly and with determination in voice but then when i approached a friend who is with the group, it made me lend a good ear of what they're talking about. Allegedly, that afternoon they were called up for a meeting related to 4P's (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program-conditional cash transfer program that provides incentives for poor). So as the meeting will talk about the release of the cash incentives, the mother of this 9 month old baby hurriedly fixed herself and leave her children (including the 9 month old baby) alone, without adult guidance. The older child decided to prepare food by cooking on a wood fire. Unfortunately, it didnt turned out as expected. Worst, it was the youngest who were burned. See, pictures of the aftermath.

-Photo Coutesy of LGU-

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My $50 Price...Submit an Entry Now!!!

I knew i should post more often here but apologize folks since i am in between office and personal errands. Plus the fact that i just recovered from a bad flu, so i intend to take care of my health pretty well. Of course, i will give credit to my loving partner for taking care of everything so this blogger was able to get rid of bad cough and worst allergy. So im so back and it had been awhile that i shared some great news and i also forgot to update my dadoftheweek price, so without much ado. Id like to take this chance to thank the admin of dadoftheweek for the price and hopefully i can submit more entry.

Its easy to join guys, just submit an entry as to why your dad needs to be voted. An article or a video will do. I am not still sure if they provide incentives now for just submitting an entry, well, i could be a great help if you want some easy $$ now. Go ahead, check

Friday, August 3, 2012

What You Need When Applying for Short Term Installment Loans.

The fact still remains the lending agency are still choosy in terms of who can apply for short term installment loans. It's understandable since they just want to be assured that their money will be back at an expected time and with the expected interest. So, if you have poor credit rating and need some funds badly, how would you do some remedy on this? I knew its so stressful to find some means but the good news, with your proof of income- applying for bad credit personal loans comes handy at FirstAmerigo. No need to worry much because the loan is designed for people who have thing on their credit rating.

So what's the basic paper requirements when applying for loans? Normally, they would require, as ive said proof of income either your payslip or maybe an employment certificate. They will also ask if you have other loans outstanding and maybe a background check is necessary. It actually depends on the amount of loan you are trying to apply but basically if you are applying for less then the requirements and released will also be speedy. Needless to say, backing up our loan application is no easy. Thus, our credibility speaks our ability to repay for our loans and debts.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


They call it "rebranding" so the admin staff asked for a little consideration for their late payments.Thus, i believe the consideration had been abused since my pending payments for them had been idle and still from last year transactions., I've been exchanging few messages with fellow bloggers and LOUDLAUNCH still owed them a significant amount. How could the re branding  works if there are still rants and grievances from the people who are instrumental for their success.

There are countless times that i send them an email reminding them to settle previous payment but still i always hear promises and unending consideration. Now thy launch a new site and i don't think bloggers will trust on them this time.Well, i remember Angela forwarded me this payment update:

We will continue to provide you with the payments owed to you, as we quickly as we can. However, posts you write from now on, in the new system, will be paid right away within the same month. We believe providing you with the new payments along with the outstanding payments is the most efficient way to get everyone caught up with all outstanding funds.

So, they will be paying instantly, bloggers who were able to make it in their new system and whose posts were approved. Isn't it unfair? When they have benefited a lot from the old bloggers in the system. I think its more proper to make the rebranding focused on settling their payment issues coz that's how it all centered. Bloggers will spread the good news and the site would certainly gain its much needed credibility and integrity. I don't think the site will work significantly if without the help of the site admins all around the globe. In other words, they should take good care of the bloggers. No matter how boring the site if they pay consistently then they will make it in the top list of blogger's choice.

They call it a "Relaunch" and "Rebranding so its just right to rebrand their credibility to the bloggers community :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Religiously Working Here...

I have few goals to meet as blogger so to slowly work on the progress here i am working to build and rebuild some stuff particularly my niche site. I knew it takes months or few more weeks before i can overhaul everything but then its better starting it this little than doing nothing. I knew i can have a good rewards on this site so i make it as my priority. The other niche site is still on progress and from time to time, I'm making some valuable contents. I really hope all my efforts will be paid off especially that the blogging worlds is becoming more competitive and competition is becoming a neck to neck battle. Hayst, i need to double my time really but then im still thankful i have other means of earning online and that's article writing.So, whenever i have no paid tasks, i write a couple of articles or else i will do survey or click. We need to do multitasking or else we will lose the trend.