Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dinner Invitation

I ve told you once that i met this man on my way back to cebu and since im travelling alone, this man just talked with me on the fast craft then i guess since he was nice, i also talked to him nicely, then he offered me a ride to my apartment. He is one of the high ranking officials in the city and i guess we have common friends so he was abit friendly to me, he asked for my number because i knew the person he was meeting that day, which was a coincidence really. Then he strated calling me, in fact when i did had a lose bowel movement, he was the one who advised me what med to take coz he was afraid ill get dehydrated. Then, heres the thing, i was on my way back home after office and he called up to know where i was, then i told him, im just done with work and on my way home suddenly i was amazed to know that he was there too, since we were located on the 7th floor so he just waited at the groud floor and had no choice but to be with him on some coffee shop, im not comfortable really coz i knew he is familiar with the elite in the town and i might be judged and misjudged.But just an hour ago, he called up asking me for a dinner, im like hesitant to answer his calls but im just being nice, i didnt go out because i have to go to mass and he asked on tuesday, had no choice again and eventually said yes. I might get in trouble with this man, hehehe.But i admire him for being so nice and simple. But dinner invitation is not bad at all, right?

Sunday Update

Its been a long while since i talked some updates here, well i guess i just forgot to do so, i just arrived from church and im just done too with my dinner. i ate leachon and sardines, i missed eating fresh sardines, my friend gave me a homemade sardines made from fresh fish just bottled and no chemical or preservatives added. Its so delicious really, another thing that made up my day, i have a new room mate and he is so good looking, really. I wondered why the next room of me has lights already, then this man came out and introduced himself. He is just so charming i guess, but i love the fact that the compund is already full of bachelors, like it.hehehe