Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Excited and Inspired

I have few good vibes today so i just let them overflow by now. First off, i'm now officially part of the most elusive paying site and it was really a nice post birthday present. I actually just build my new site for them and thankful that my prayer was answered. I really can't believe i've made it knowing that i'm not an expert blogger nor knowledgeable in that craft. I just do it on my own and proud to be a reader fanatic. So, i am just motivated to build more if my finances allows me. In any case, in time ill surely have one more and another more. Blogging addict indeed.

Another thing, i am just savoring some good thoughts today. I mean there are things im keeping that warms my heart big time. I wish to share it but i think i would have it post in time and let you know guys some personal tale i wish to savor. I'm really just glad that God gave me a good man, it is really a huge thing for me.So, while im still free and have my own time, ill savor the moment and live my life to the fullest :) What a day!!!