Saturday, December 29, 2012

To My One and Only Man

If there's one thing i can describe him, it's probably "wordless", why? Because i can't think of the right word that would perfectly describe him. You know the feeling of being taken care of despite the distance that you're currently dealing with. The feeling that everything will be fine coz you know you have someone to cross hand with. Of course, i always tells him that sometimes i feel bad celebrating special occasions alone and those times where you feel just being romantic and the thought that he isn't there just breaks your heart. Nonetheless, we all have different relationship tales. I want to say yes, he might be on the other pole but with all honesty, i never felt being alone since day one.

We had our own fair share of ups and downs. There we faced family problems, there he fixed financial shortcomings, and there he is when i needed comfort and strengths.Yes, i am so much grateful that i have a partner like him thus  it always cross my mind the fact that he has been so good to me yet he didn't asked for anything in return. True love for me is more than of that and basically it's when you know you have to give more regardless of what is it and expecting nothing in return, Ohhh yes, i had been in a long distance affair for quite sometime and the happiest i have so far.

To my one and only partner, to my comforter and lover - you know how much i love you and kept telling you that i will always be here no matter what. Thank you for bringing such unforgettable memories into my life and thank you for all the love and understanding. Above all, you know how much i appreciate your being sweet sometimes and all the effort that you've done for me.

This is for you...