Monday, May 10, 2010


As far as i remember i alreday posted this stuff here just a weeks ago, it was about the PTC and how it is helpful to bloggers and of course to people who wanted to earn, just this night i realized how WORDLINX is really so amazing and wonderful, you get paid when clicking the advertisers ads plus if you refer more thru your link there are additional bonus and a sign up bonus too. This is really so great, i tell u guys, this site is really so amazing..


This is the proof that i am a good citizen and my obedience to my oath being a true Filipino.Well, enough of patriotism, but heres my proud index finger with the ever so messy indelible ink. My nail polish seems with the same color with the indelible ink, how lucky.hehehe. I guess i just need to borrow their extra ink to have a long lasting polish. Great idea? what u think guys?


Are u in deep pain now? or maybe you just have many things to hink about, that many in the lists made your mind so preoccupied, somehow you began to ask, IS this the world? a cruel place to live in, maybe now u start talking and thinking if GOD is true or that HIS LOVE IS REAL, enough of that, i want to share with you this blog, a truelly wonderful and amazing source of inspiration to life's trouble, disappointments, heataches and doubts. Somehow i realized blogging does not only gain you wonderful friends but create a better horizon in life.


I was in deep thought about the recent political condition in my country, I was even bothered when a kid asked me, Is Election full of Money? I couldn’t utter any word from her query, will I say yes? Or will I lie and said the other thing, the kid knew how politics is dirty and how she saw her parents accepting money from strangers in exchange of their commitments to vote for that candidate. And now its time for her to confirm and the sad thing, it will comes from me. Since I am more protective of the thought it will possibly gave to her, I refuse to answer her question and change the topic immediately. I knew what she was thinking and I knew what she was feeling all along, But sad to say instead that we – the older people to influence our kids with good manners, ITS us who mold our children to be the person they will be in the future, I doubt if the time came that this bribery and vote buying will be eradicated coz with the passage of time, I have experienced how it became WORST. Now in my generation, our present generation, when we aim for CHANGE, but are we really worth of it? Are we worth of good governance we are dreaming of, can we build a government free from corruptions, can we passed on a better government to our children, I will leave that to you to answer to that question, coz if you will allow a dirty government to your children, then perhaps you are one of those people who are dying to bargain their vote, even to the cheapest currency. BUT if you are one of those few individuals who wanted to make a difference, then youre one of the few and rare minds who care for their futures children – in a government not that much ideal but worthy of respect and trust of its constituents.


Who will be the next president of this republic? Will it be the yellow partisan, The man who claimed to be for the poor? or will it be the man tasked by God? Indeed we dont know who will be our next leader. I am have my personal bet and of course you do have too, i may not have right to tell u to like my bet nor to convince me to favor with your bet but at the end of day, its for the betterment of the country that is the main bottom line, So to the next FIRST FAMILY - i do hope that you would learn to cherish the vote of each one of us who believes in your capability and passion for CHANGE. Hope the next six years will not result into rallies and protest for a wasted VOTE.


Im happy to share with your guys my experience on this 2010 first automated elections. In our precinct, the process runs very smoothly, it was organized and very peaceful. I apprecaite the ever supportive BEI's and PPCRV volunteers, Thank guys. As far as i observed this election was very good, it was fast, easy and very convenient to all voters. As of this time 75 percent of all the voters in my place have voted already, so by 3 pm i guess we are already ready for casting. I believe that this automated elections is really favorable not only to the voters but to the elction bosy as well, less responsiblities and the results are really casted so fast. As of COMELEC, tonight by 10 pm they will already knew the result at least of 50 percent of the polling results nationwide. Of course there are areas that faced problems on their PCOS but i knew the COMELEC have already addressed their concern.