Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Art of Letting Go...

For a heart thats been torn, theres much you can do...but to understand. Dont worry i will free you when the time came, its time for me to let you go.Theres no easy way to let go of something that i knew will never happen again, but i will face the world around me knowing that i am strong enough to let you go.Im aware that you only came into my life for a while and that time will come that i have to give you up, then that's the end of it...there goes my life.
You left me at the very moment that i cant give you up.I cry for the memories, i cry for the pain, i cry for the times i thought i had you.I knew youre not mine but holding on to you have become my way to keep me alive.Wish you see the tears that run from my eyes coz it spells the truth about how i really feel inside...dont worry m,y tears wont blame you, those are just the words my heart uses to explain, when even my smiles cant cover up the pain. Its been a while and still i cant get out from your shadow.Till this very moment i am still trying to pick up those pieces...Thank you for the love and the pain, the pain that ill always remember.Even now my heart heart still aches for sadness and secret tears still flow.One day i knew i can say, Im over you.,you are still with me even though youre not on my side.One day ill be able to stand next to you without wanting to hold your hand.Somewhere down my journey, i knew i will fall in love again...i knew...i can.