Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Loving It Right

When can you says that love seems so right and when does love seems wrong for us? Is it when you have the right love at the wrong time or is it when you have the right partnet but you dont have a the perfect moment.Theres always an irony when it comes to this 4 letter word. But no matter how ironic it is if you have the right feeling and you know how to sarcifice for him and for just the right thing, youll always end up victorius. Sometimes, in many cases, we felt that no matter how right we feel towards the person but since the time isnt just right for us, then it always ends up not right. And its wrong too to force yourself or to make some moves just to make the relationship at the right track. Ive learned that happy ending are most of the time difficult to arrive but it doesnt mean that there are no stories that are fairy-tales inspired. Coz first and foremost, we are the one creating our own love stories. We pick the cast- we pick our prince charming. We pick the time and setting of our stories and of course its still our choice to have a happy ending. But no matter how we try so hard to end up with the man we loved, if destiny doesnt permits us, and if its not really meant for us, then i guess its time to move on and cut the rope. Time to move forward but never gave up coz who knows as you walk in that road of broken paths - its where you meet the one person who will make you whole again.BY that time, you have the most sought after happy endings far from disneys and snow white inspired fairy tale.

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Its been a long day for us and i do hope that everyone would have a peaceful sleep there esepcially that its cold outside and indeed the spirit of Christmas can be felt. Here i am, at the net coz i need to email a very important thing. But lucky to have grab some fishes. Hopefully i can grab more.