Sunday, July 11, 2010


Im an avid fan of purefoods and now theyre called B-MEG team, but i like the former, i like their name before than now, cause i feel its more like piggy now, just kidding, anyway, im just done taching their game 2 for the queater finals with rain and shine, i didnt not finish the game but i guess my team lost, cause i left like 2 minutes more to go and rain or shine has 5 leads more or less, anyway whatever happnes im still for B-MEG with papa James Yap, the man with a million moves. Anyway there stiill game 3 and 4 and 5,hehehhe. Im sure they will try more harder on the next battle.


Today i just decided to hang out in my room anyway i dont have work so i just stayed at my room and watched various cable channels, id like to share with u guys about what ive learned from Bo Sanches, he was the speaker of that particular talk held at Manila, i really realy admired him for being so intelligent yet has powerful words towards his audience. Way back a few years, i subscribed on his newsletter entitled kerygma and my story was feutured once in their magazines. I was actually nursing a broken heart then when i made my life story, it was sort of how i dealt with the pain, how i was so unsure then of my asset and about my points of view, Rizza their editor-in-chief contacted me if they can put my story in one of their columens, i agrre because i also want to share my life to people especially to women who at that time is in the midst of emotional roller coaster and when i get a copy of the magazine, i was so proud because at least once in my life, i had shared my story to people who may not know me personaly but had been inspired of my life and had hopefully had give them a better light.