Monday, April 30, 2012

Itching for a Drive Away?

I remember those times where i was a fresh graduate. I photocopied my pertinent papers and together we roamed around the town with my close friend to look for ads and inquire about possible job vacancy. It was never easy coz first timers are always bombarded with hesitations from the employers knowing that they dont have experienced and i was never exempted to that. Although at that time, i had with me some recomendations from our administrators but i decided not to use it. I just dont want to be indebted to anyone and at the end of the day, its nice to gain that credit of having been able to surpass that tests of job hunting. So, i was hired as frontdesk at a prestige hotel and underwent trainings. Mind you guys, it was also the time where i wanted to back out and regretted being employed in such tedious job. Just imagine standing eight hours a day and entertaining calls and customers. But, it was the most enjoyable time of my life. I've met a lot of people from all walks of life including prestige men from politics because they will see us first before going in to their respective rooms. My circle of friends too were as hospitable as their smiles. Even though, i was just new to the group, they would welcome me as if i was an old friend and until this very day, wherever we met, we always have smiles and pat to the shoulders.

So, the hotel is one of the prestige and famous accomodation in the place. In fact, it was the most picked five star hotels in the regions not only because of its huge hectare of property but moreso because of its rich heritage. It was once owned by local city government and was marketed by the city tourism so no wonder, most guests look forward in staying there. Apart from classy rooms, you also have choice of fantastic accomodation depending on your moods. They have villas, regular rooms, cabins and even an excluive suites. The amenities are impressive too. They have their own pools, ktv bar, sports equipment, internet lounge and even a gaming halls. Yes, they have an exclusive room for casino gaming which makes it a regular hub for tourists who wants to play casino games like en ligne casino. Its truly a perfect pick especially if you're set for a month vacation. Who doesnt wants to relax your mind away from those stressful business clients. Well, to unwind means to refreshen your brains and being in a hotel where you dont need to go anywhere to enjoy is such an add on bonus, right?

Anyway, if you want to escape the life of an urban chaos then i guess summer is a perfect time to book your vacations. Why dont you explore some local tourists destinations. It's more fun here.

Good Morning Fellows

I'm signing in for a MOnday update. Its a busy day for me. I have so many things in lined and i will be dealing with few applicants this afternoon. On the lighter side, i got few tasks again for review and it makes me lazy coz i am dealing or should i say hitting my quota on article writing. 

As with my social portal, they're still not yet done fixing my stuff so i cannot sign up yet for monetizing purpose. Im super excited already especially that i have few people whom i cant count to mentor me.

Well, it a great payday and hope yours too..