Saturday, October 24, 2009

On Torrent

When im so tired and stressed, i usually end up hanging out in the net, what i will usually do is to search for a variety of topics, its either look for some fashionable dress, get the latest from my fvaorite actress or most likely i will just stay in the net for a while and read the latest news, however there are times when i am so emotional that i end up listening to music and sometimes download some, unfortunately there are instances that it doesnt turned out good, sometimes i have difficulty downloading but mostly some sites has internet virus that would eventually penetrate your system.
Thank god, i was able to search in the net the best search engine that would answer my needs on all my quiries, visit free torrents for an opportunity to download lots of games, music, films for free in to time without the fear of downloading empty and not complete file, its also huge regularly updated torrent files base, it has simple interface and to top it all its the most powerful search engine. Well i guess i have said it all, common take a look now.

Happy Weekend

A great saturday to everyone. hope everybody has a wonderful blash today, as for me, nothing so special and no parties or any activities at all, i just asked my brother and his friend to help me bring out some of my excess stuff in my apartment to bring it at home, coz anytime soon i will already be assigned at our place, whch is a great idea. As for my honey., he still did not contact me yet, i still dont have any idea if he is back home already or if he is still abroad. Our line of communications had a problem, coz i cant contact his cellphone anymore. Hopefully he will be back soon.