Monday, May 5, 2008

reminiscing the past

My past was already a closed book, they say it better to end whatever that caused you pain. its better to put a mark to things that really hurt us, that allowing them to hurt you constantly. i just did.and now im ready to talk about it, for past sake.
That was a few months ago when i was hit by cupids arrow, i have fallen in love to someone ive thought i was especial, those were the times when i thought i couldnt ask for more. I considered him the missing puzzle in my life. The relationship took us about quite a few months, months of arguments, moments i thought will be forever, moments i cherished the most. i do really love him that much. Sadly, it came to a point that he choose to have separate path, a path he would rather walk alone, a path he wasnt brave enough to walk with me. The decision he made, really hurt me badly, that was just the time i could remember, ever in my entire life that i cried really the entire night. I had lots of "if only i do this", "if only i do that". My faith was really tested that time, it was a tug of war between my feelings and what my mind really want me to do, but at the end of the day, sanity prevails.
The moment he choose not to hold my hand, God holds it, and after all that was said and done, i choose to accept my destiny, our destiny - that we were not really meant for each other. The aftermath was so painful, as it was like a castle that have been destroyed by wave after the great effort of building it. However, it was lately that i said to myself that i have appreciate what God has done for me, even though he had left me with broken hearts, he leaves a learning experience - not to be too trusting and learn to wait for God's best time.
To those who have experience pain, be glad of it coz it is a great oppurtunity in shaping up our life.Learn to accept failure and disappointments, coz love is also a game to play,you won if the one you love, loves you back and you lose if the person you choose to love, loves somebody else. I just had the later.,and looking forward in winning the next game.

Rice shortage?

I actually about to write about the hotel which i worked before and somehow write a litttle review about it, however, the very annoying news made me decide to comment on this issue.
I actually dont understand why the media really emphasize shortage of our staple food,and why our television always highlights inssufficient supply of rice. Honestly, the only problem in our country is we create false alarm to our fellow filipinos through the media channel, we gave exaggerated reports because in the first place headlines on that matter would surely attracts readers however the cons is we gave worry and create a very alarming economical situation to the country.
If you happened to visit our province, especially in our place, you really cant tell that theres really a shortage because everyday we can see hundreds of sacks harvested from the farm, this summer it already became a typical scenario of ricefarm abundanly blessed with "palay", you can see our farmers harvesting their precious gold.,the farmers house is really full of sacks of rice..then the government will say theres shortage?
I guess they just failed to consider that our rice from the farmers are bought by these businessman and then some are kept for business sake. Our National Food Authority who is supposed to take control and proper monitoring should really see and do something about the said crises, since it is really so alarming to see headlines about the shortage.Proper authority should stict to their mission and vision in protecting the filipinos and making sure that in each passing day, we can assure that of our staple food prepared in our respective homes.