Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Incredible Find

I was watching my favorite show last night when i saw a preview of their forthcoming movies.Ohh well, its great to be home and enjoy some movie marathon. Thats why i love my weekend coz i can just watch my favorite series and munch my favorite popcorn. I now knew the secret of getting a yummy taste of the latter and a melted butter is a great addition. Anyway, i also watched the Sex and City series and promise i am super addicted to it.If not of my work i could possibly tune in to it every episode. So why do we love the revealing and the super modernised theme of the series? Is it because we can relate how liberated woman do or are we just motivated to get some awesome move be it in the field of career or in our personal journey.

Truly, woman are powerful if we only knew our worth. Just imagine, our body is capable of rearing a child and the unique things that only woman can do is enough reason to stay inspired and have the right will.We have some power to change every man and so does the world. Speaking of power, well you might be interested to be part of Miami Escorts. The fun an camaraderie on the said service is exhilarating. Thus giving their clients top and superb escort service. On the other end, if you are a client and looking for escort service Miami, then why do you look further. Theres no reason why you will check other service coz Miami Top Escorts has the best of the best escorts you are drooling about. Dont you realize that having an escort boosts your social life. Not only that, it can also improve your personality especially in dealing with a crowd and clients. So now find the hidden gems of Miami.

A Concert Ticket for Kids Choice Award

Lately, i realised i have so many reasons to celebrate my life. I mean when i count all the blessings that God has bestowed on me, i certainly am amazed how good he is into my life. He is indeed my friend, my savior and my God. Anyway, i am just reading an email from a very good friend. They just migrated to Canada and she told me a lot of stuff that makes me feel excited. How i wish she can invite me for a visit, well, why not? She also mentioned about their weekend plan of watching a concert and she told me that she is looking for kids choice awards tickets, the addams family tickets and huey lewis and the news tickets. I advised her to visit has concert tickets form the kid's choice awards held annually in california and the hit musical adams family based on the tv show plus Concert Huey Lewis & The News Tickets and Information.

Its Super Unpredictable

Yay, the weather is so moody nowadays, now you see the sun now you dont. Perhaps, its the effect of climate change. Its no surprise indeed if flu medicines are becoming short of stocks. My father has flu today so i am just one of the customers of the latter. Speaking of weather, i just had my fair share of it. I was at the mall earlier and i was indeed exhausted transferring from one store to the other and i regret doing some errands today because it will surely just gives me some sick days. Just pick up my personal grocery and bought some mags at the same time i stroll and hang around. Just to breath, My honey told me to relax and i just did.We always need some time to pamper ourself, right?

Anyway, i will be dealing with few paid posts and write articles again. Need to save guys for a special occasion in the next few months. Ciao for now.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Short Terms Loans is Tempting

Are you just tempted to get some short term loans recently? Well, managing our personal finances takes a sweaty effort, agree fearless people? No matter how we deprived ourselves from getting those designer bags but if we will be facing unexpected expenses then you will surely feel terribly frustrated in the end. The easy resort? I guess you knew it guys - its by availing of Short Term Loans. Dont feel bad if you do, it doesnt mean that you are are pityful nor does it tells you that youre careless or irresponsible. Everyone has our own pies on financial trouble. Some maybe are shy to admit it but if you know you're priorities and you are focus on some long term goals then im pretty sure you'll thank yourself for availing of Loans.

On getting loans, what is the first thing you consider? Is it the length of time you can get your cash or is it the interest you will be paying to them? It maybe construed true that getting an easy loan with less papers is of great convenience but before getting your cash, you have to check first the interest that you will be paying in the next months. Maybe, for all you knew, you will end up in a pitfall thats too hard for you to get out. Hence, you dont need to worry of you are getting those unimpressive credit ratinsg cos First Amego offers personal loans for bad credit. Im sure it ease youre worries, right? Then what are you waiting for avail of loans for bad credit now.

Why You Need Customised Label

Certainly, venturing into a business endeavor is not an easy decision. Aside from checking out for appropriate funding, you also have to consider countless things so as to make your investment at its high peak. For one, its vital to get human resources whose goals is same as you and people who would walk with the same directions and path that you are taking. Unless otherwise, you give them the liberty to do things in their own. Thing is, whatever your strategy and technique in managing your resources but at the end of the day it should all boils down to the progress of the company.

Speaking of business ventures, i knew personally an owner of a huge business firm who really gets my admiration. Not for the fact that she is a good friend but because she know how to handle their business pretty well. She is an accountant by profession so no wonder she is very hands on in checking out their finances and inventory. I guess its very essential in any family business to have personal knowledge of cash inflows and outflows.Another thing, you will be pretty amazed of how hardworking this acquintance of mine, she does sales and marketing too and she oversee their sales team with all herself and work with the sales force of needed. Just imagine roaming around the market while at the same time formulating sales and marketing activities. I knew that there was a time where she needed my help about promotions and customised labeling of their product. I dont know then of any company who caters for that matter. Well, i wish i know beforehand and tell them how impressive the company is in terms of printed labels and customised stickers.

Well, with the net on hand and with a variety of options for the said product. Getting the one perfect for our needs is a daunting idea. Id like to recommend too Labels for Life. The site is perfect if you need a fantastic and personalised labels for a variety of needs.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Indulge into Paintball Sports

I have a friend then who is into extreme sports. We, most of the time hang out together because like me, he is also from other place and was just renting a pad for work convenience. While i was busy with  my other companions, he on the other hand is having fun with his sports buddies and guess what, theyre into paintball competition. I find it amusing since there was a time where he really contacted a sewer who specializes on  Paintball Gear. I guess you are thinking of a camouflage and an army shirt, right? Then you guess it right man. They have those fantastic military uniforms with their headwear and paintball guns. I dont know how much it costs him but im pretty sure it was of double or triple figure depending on the brand and quality.

One fine morning, i was shocked when i found him nowhere to be found. I have an important matter to talk to him regarding some work stuff. I asked an officemate too if he saw my friend unfortunately he didnt. After few hours of waiting, i found my phone ringing and he told me if i wanted to watch their competition at the nearby place.I hurriedly said yes because i was curious too of their gear and the competition itself. I dont have idea at all how the paintball sports work but when i finally learn how those guys compete and exchange tricks with one another, i find watching their competition amusing and exciting. For once, you would probably ask if the bullet/capsules theyre using is highly dangeours. Well to tell you, it isnt because it is made of water soluble dye and the main goal of each team is to terminate each opponent by tagging their gun. Its really fun watching such kind of extreme sports and in fact i would recommend it to my brother.

Hence, if you are one of those men who loves paintball then im sure one of your interests are valuable sites which offer complete range of paintball accessories and equipment like Pure Energy Paintball and CO2 Tank. Both are essential stuff for a paintball enthusiasts.Guess what? Ive got good news for you dude, ive recently acquinted to a site called and they have a plethora of paintball equipments, clothing and accessories at reasonable price. Theyre a one stop store for such sport and they specializes in brands like JT BT (Battle Tested), and Empire Paintball.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Money Making Sites 2012

I just post my list for my money making sites that i joined. My other site which i just recently overhauled is now a home for some money matter talks. I am working on giving my readers first hand information about some money makings sites that i personally tried. Soon, i will feature on my niche site about my article writing endeavor and hopefully it can give some informative inputs about how article writing is currently at boom.

I guess most of bloggers are busy with their respective sites so i will be featuring an article about some money making ways which i tried and some sites that i failed. Maybe a complete rundown of the sites that i joined and those that paid me will also be a kind resource. Over and above, i will try my best to give my honest opinion and sensitive review on some sites. For now, please check out my new post about a new paid to blog site you can join in. Hop in now blogger.

Winter Boots You'll Love

Are you the fasyon type of gal? are you a shoe lover? A bag hooker or maybe a shopaholic? Well the latter is subjectively defined but in any case, there's really nothing wrong in shopping for the latest trends in fashion for as long as you can afford to do so and you feel good about yourself, right?

Well, i am sharing with you guys about this fantastic winter boots that i saw online. Isnt it lovely? Why dont you grab one?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why You Should Hire a Reliable Company?

Some of us tend to micromanage our business, but that can really bog you down, particularly if you like to have your hand in everything that is taking place. There are a number of things that can be hired out to other companies, and if you allow those things to be taken care of separate from your daily tasks, you will find that it is a very effective way to get more done. Although there are many things that can be hired out, something that is typically farmed out to other companies is the generation of sales leads. What can you expect when you find a reliable company that is going to provide those leads for you?

As I am sure you are well aware, having a warm lead is a great way to lead to a sale. Generating that lead, however, is something that may be difficult to do if you are focusing on the selling end of the process. If you hire a reliable company that uses various mail lists in order to generate those leads, you will find that you have an almost endless supply of possibilities. Some of those leads may come from email marketing lists or other electronic means, while others may come from direct mail lists. As long as the lead is interested in what you have to offer and they are relatively warm, you have a good opportunity of turning them into a sale. Once that takes place, you not only have the opportunity to make a profit, you have a chance of having a customer for life.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Coldy Morning Meme

"She didn't leave you for making too many mistakes. She left because you made the same mistake, too many times..!!"

Good morning everyone....Just couldn't afford to missed some updates. While typing this post, i feel so cold. Just finished doing some workloads and hopefully be done in few hours. I had an early tantrums today because of my period. Blame it to the erratic mood shifts but well i am just glad i have an understanding and thoughtful man. Everything just vanished whenever he will let me feel how much I'm loved and cared. Hayst, to my honey - thank you for making me feel the most precious gems in your life.I just feel so blessed. Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some Sunday Thoughts

As you noticed guys, i missed my entry for Saturday 9 meme to give way to Sunday Stealing entry. I remember joining this meme once and i kinda loved answering random questions from all sorts of thoughts. For a blogger, your lucky to have a sparkling thoughts everyday and updating your portals as often as possible requires a hard earned sweat and effort. For people who works on daytime, its much harder to think of a good thought that possibly could catch interests to your readers so everyday is indeed a struggle. But the happy thought, this portal always inspired me and motivates me to do more and to give more. Im also grateful to give some great thoughs about how helpful this journal-like portals to me. This serves as my avenue to air out my rants and my thoughts. Im a happy person so as you see i always offer good moods and positive energy. Thats how life should be and we just can start to appreciate life if we acknowledged the little things that give life its right purpose.

Yes, we have lots of complaints and questions on every imperfections that is happening or that happened to us but the good thing about past mistakes is that we are given countless chances to make things right and we can only do that if we make each single day a blessing and make the most of it. I remember being the other me on the past. I always planned thing and sometimes doubt my trust on my faith. But now, my perceptions changed drastically after some quick reminders and hard earned lessons. Im a better me yet i can feel a much trusting and a stronger faith than can even break mountains and walls. Amazing isnt it but im at my happiest. Indeed, theres always a happier ending for every sob story.

Happy Sunday Bloggers!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Day of Fun and Surprises

I cant believe i would end up at the mall and join lunch with my boss. Its actually amazing yet some kind of memorable day. At the end, i had a great time roaming around the mall while my boss was doing the interview of some applicants and joined lunch with them. It was an unexpected day off and i kinda loved how this day gives pretty surprises. I met a former teacher too and glad we did exchange smiles and short chitchats. Her daughter is my former classmate and i really admire this teacher of mine who is very down to earth despite their status in the place. Im amazed how im so much closed to my former mentors. In fact, we would normally exchange hi and hello's wherever we met and i always have high regards to all my mentors. I remember this teacher of mine whom i met at the mall today, a cousin told me that she told her that i was her favorite student and i was smiling big time when i learned about this short flattery. I was actually hesitant if im going to do the first move but then i did and she smiles big time when she learned that it was me. She told me that she cant remember me if i didnt take the first move coz i gained so much. I just smile but then she added with a little flowery words of compliment and its no surprising, she indeed is my favorite mentor.hehehe.

Oh, tomorrow is friday and that signals for something else to look forward this weekend. To my friends, i hope you had a great day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12 Year Old Davao Girl - Youngest HIV Victim

I was saddened when i read the news about this 12 year old girl from Davao City who was recently identified to have an HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus). That's how critical the figures are today and unless we care so much about this issue then i don't think this case will be solved the soonest. I could still vividly remember how everyone reacts when the publicized confession of the first victim Sarah Jane first aired. There was so much sympathy for the girl and much more awareness than what we have now. Sadly, after a decade of fighting this deadly virus, up until now the fight is still not winnable. Here's an excerpt of the article:


DAVAO CITY -- A 12–year-old girl from this city has become the youngest person to become infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) through sexual intercourse, a city health official said.
Dr. Josephine Villafuerte, City Health Office (CHO) chief, said the girl is the youngest since the city started monitoring HIV cases in 1993.
"Naay mga bata na karon na naga-engage na sa sex at a very young age (There are children now who engage in sex at a very young age)," Villafuerte said.
She said 22 new cases of persons living with HIV, 21 of them are males, have been recorded between January and March this year. The new cases have brought the number of persons living with HIV in the city to 140.
Villafuerte said 39 new cases have been recorded in the city in the whole of 2010. READ MORE

Source: Sun Star
 Visit them at :

Sunday, March 11, 2012

- True Love Never Ends -

I remember a friend saying that the last person you think of before you dose off and the first person that comes into your mind the first thing in the morning, is surely the one person that owns your heart. At some point, i now believe in destiny and fate.Its such so amazing how two strange people finally met their roads and fall in love. I never believe in magic but when i learn to love sincerely, i guess its just right to say that i was convinced that love is magic and miracles do come true.I dont want to dwell with anything right now except to just make the most of the memories and excitements that im presently dealing. Im happy for a fact that im in a stress-free relationship and with a man that gave me so much happiness in this world. I never imagine loving unexpectedly and as this intense but it does happen and im so much thankful im in love with an over sensitive man.

For few years having him and building up trust and love, i cant remember a day i really wish its over. I mean i am so amazed how despite distance we manage to keep the flame burning and talking few times a day seems to glorify the love that we're having. I was thinkin the other day what made me love him so much and i couldnt think specifically of one reason why he owns my heart. This is the first time i love with not "ifs", buts and because. Gosh honey, you owe me a lot and like im telling you everyday - i just cant afford to lose you. Not now and not tomorrow.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Is there an Easy Break Up?

The meme for today is quite an icing in the cake. Its refreshing and its interesting. I love how the administrator makes sure girls stuff are of proportion. So without further ado, let me share for today my entry for this Saturday 9 Meme.

1. Have you ever had a romantic breakup that was easy?
- None so far. every break up was kinda hard for me. Mostly, i had my fair share of sleepless nights.

2. When was the first time that you felt betrayed?
- On my second relationship where i had to deal with betrayal and infidelity. It was so hard because i have to accept some terms that are truly unacceptable. It came to a point that i was so depressed.

3. Do you feel religious beliefs should have a role in politics?
- I may think so because most of the decision of the government is set with the terms of the major religious affliations.

4. Are you doing anything special this weekend?
- Its just atypical weekend today only that i got my share of mall hopping and bonding.

5. Oreo cookies turned 100 years old this week. How do YOU eat an Oreo?
-hahahha, love this, i eat it with milk and lick the filling...

6. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
- im happy with who i am and with what i have so far...

7. Describe a time when you should have tried harder.
- i always believe that ive given my best every single day.

8. What is your favorite baseball-related movie?
- cant think of is not my favorite sports.

9. What is one lesson you have learned in the past year?
- Not to trust easily

I love the meme today and it reminds me of some memories in the past. As they say, im comfortable talking about it already because wounds have slowly been healed and maybe ive forgiven the people who have hurt me. I knew it was not meant to be but still we cant help getting hurt but love i guess is all about getting hurt, battling for love and of course its about patience and a lot of understanding. At the end of the day, when you know you've fight for the right person and for the right reason then everything that happened was all worth it. Happy weekend everyone. Just sharing entry for

Fun-Filled Day

I knew this is kinda late for a weekend update but what can i do folks, i am bit busy today. I was off for my grocery so early coz i have to go with a friend for an important errand and right after wer're done with our lunch, i hurriedly fix myself. Too bad the rain was kinda pouring hard so we have no choice but to pursue our initial plans. After we're done with our business, we headed straight to the mall for some sight seeing and i really enjoy big time having a great company with this good friend. I remember my sister coz she was my shopping buddy all these years and its quite some time since we last bond together. Our sight seeing was kinda a reliever to me after a stressful week from work and other stuff. Now my turn for my online portals and i wish i could participate with my saturday meme. How about you guys? Did you have a saturday blast?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

One More Day

Good Morning Thursday! Hows your day going guys? Positive energy guys. Still, the unpredictable weather is here again. I wish i will not hit by flu again coz it will surely be a bad weekend. Anyway, heres a little share from my daily subscription.

Sometimes you can't see it or feel it. Sometimes hope seems far away. Often the difficulties you face make it seem as if hope has abandoned you. But hope never leaves. It is always there, ready for you to embrace.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Your Ortho Issues Solved

The other day, i was shocked when i heared the news about the neighbor who met an accident and was consequently brought to the hospital for proper treatment. They noticed that there were several wounds all over her body but amazingly there was none to any part of her head. Does that mean that she is safe enough from any blood clot or is it the other way around? When i talked to the mother this morning, she told me that the girl just complain some painful portion of her body like her muscles and neck. I asked them if they undergo any x-ray examination but she nodded. Im very much worried about her spinal conditional coz for all we knew our spine condition says too well on the proper posture of our body. If in any case it will be damaged or broke due to accidents then proper surgery and treatment should be done. I hope the case of the girl is not about spinal problem coz im sure its going to be a big problem to the family.

Speaking of spinal surgery, i noticed that well-off family from the country oftentimes choose to have their surgery done abroad because of the mere fact that they have the most advanced technology and equipment for the said procedure. I was looking around the net for the best hospital in town that cater spine surgery, I may need one for my aunt who is based somewhere in Europe. She is still not yet decided where to have her operation. But upon learning about the expertise of orthopedic specialty group, i was on ease because finally my long search is over. Surely, ill share the link to my aunt.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Its MOnday Again

Monday seems to bring so much rain. I woke up with those tiny drops running over our roof and well i kinda love the cold feeling that's why i end up oversleeping. But of course, i am off for work because i need to be always productive unless my body cant take it anymore. While seriously doing my stuff at work, the honey just called up to check if im feeling better. Yes, i was sick the past few days so he asked me to visit a doctor last Friday and i did for honey's sake. The good thing about me being sick is i get a lot of pamper from him. I lost my appetite because of the flu so i asked my partner if i could eat the food i was craving and without any doubt, he asked me to eat anything i want and gladly i satisfied my crave. I realized its not financially wise to be sick. Thus, maintaining your daily dose of med and vitamins is painful in the pocket. Funny, i complain when i don't even spend a penny.Anyway, i do hope you have a great day guys. Take care

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting To Know "Orlando"

You probably have heared a thousand times about Orlando because of Walt Disney World Resort, right? or perhaps you have had a great time here once and is planning to revisit the place once you get your bonus, What an amazing idea then.So, what makes this place flocked by tourists from all over the world? Aside from the great parks this place is well known of, Orlando posses a charming beauty making it known as " The City Beautiful", if you are still in doubt then visit Lake Eola and be amazed of how nature blessed them with the best of the best nature's masterpieces.Hence, Orlando is not only popular with superb vacation destinations but with world class hotels that simply gives their tourists a fantastic stay. They have all the amenities and offers exclusive selection for their vacation homes. Amazing selection of Orlando Hotels awaits every guests with a wide array of home choices like villas, cottages or a typical hotel room that suits well in every guest budget.

Like any other visitors, some first time guests wanna make sure they book at a hotel that gives them not only a warm welcome but of course a traveler home that could give them security and assistance 24 hours. I agree that the latter is very essential because we want to get the right service in exchange for the rate we pay. One simple way to check the hotels in Orlando is by giving a good browse on Orlando Hotel Reviews. That way you will be assured that you will book your trip to a hotel trusted by many.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Extra Scoop

As planned, i decided to stay at home today and work with my backlogs. I still have few tasks to finish and still have so many things to do. My day started with a brief call from my partner just the usual good morning except that you start the day with a man dear to you simply gives a little fireworks inside, right? I took my bath so early because i want to refresh myself and my weekend foot spa happened. Glad, i did it today where i dont have business for malling or errands. I should say that my weekend is great but i dont think ill havethe same energy after im done with all my tasks.

Note: As im typing this post, im disturbing my honey and he is kinda irritated already. I just want him to get online coz i dont have someone to talk to or maybe i just want him to open his cam so that i could see him while his doing something, am i addicted? Hopefully now..hehehhe.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dell - The Brand Trusted By Many

Some of the best deals in shopping like promos and sales are worth grabbing, do you agree? Who among us here wouldnt like to save few penny in exchange of the same product that we are eyeing for? Of course none, each one of us would like to make the most of every centavo that we have. Compromising the quality is a different story but availing of discount pricing and promo is such a fantastic shopping experience. Speaking of shopping, im pretty sure this social activity is loved by many not only because it allows you to feed your eyes with fantastic stuff but more so because it gives us the chance to sneak peak with the latest sales schedules and activities. My peers are mall hoppers and most of the time they are just in a look out for the sale dates of every mall because they want to grab their dream item at discounted price. Mind you guys, prices trimmed down during sale activities doesnt mean that the product or merchandise quality is compromised. Its actually just being practical and smart coz whether we admit it or not, we all fancy for some stuff and grabbing them at a price that simply wont give a hole in the pocket is a great experience.

Well. perhaps rich people doesnt need discount codes or freebies but people with meager income like me would surely love to grab those fascinating price trim down. Excited for any share, well i just stumbled on a site whose niche is about coupon codes and other amazing shopping deals. I visited and had a great time checking out the latest sales on the different brands on laptops and other stuff. Timely coz i need to scout for a possible find on laptop for the brother. He wanted to buy another lappy for office works although he has his own already. Im quite sure the brother would smile from ear to ear when he finally learn my recent find.

So what coupon code would you love to grab? Im sure you have few in minds. Wondering where you can get them? Funny, but i always set aside wasting my time on the net checking out where i can find coupon codes or any great deals here. Now, i am in a look out for a vacation deal. Id love to take a serene break if possible but well ill get a coupon code on Amazon or at Best Buy then ill surely waste no time coz i would browse for an ideal find on stuff i love the most. Same ideas? Then why waste time, head on to the link ive privided above.

Big Hug and Thanks

Thank you God for an amazing day filled with bountiful blessings. I am super speechless as to how this pouring of tasks happened so fast. Ive got Direct Advertisers and i got so many freebies in line. I hope i could have a good mood and please enlighten my mind God to meet all their deadlines. This is an amazing day. I hope blessings and pouring of online tasks will continue..(finger cross).

Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way

...thats the promise of Firmoo Optical. They are an online portal that sells a plethora of fantastic eyewear at a reasonable cost. I mentioned that i am eyeing for an eyeglass to address my migrane problem and because i still dont see any vacant time for an optical visit so probably the plan would materialize anytime soon. But if given the chance i would definitely wear a prescription glass if thats the only way my vision will be corrected and of course to treat my migrane. Thus, Firmoo Optical doesnt just cater for prescription eyeglasses because their stores is a one stop store for your eye needs. Looking for sunglasses? They have it all from fashion, sports, polarized, and even computer eyeglasses. Probably, you are scouting for a different frame or perhaps a rectange kind of eyeglass with superior quality, well then they have that kind too. As i was saying, they have it all. As their line goes, they are your "Global Online Optical Store".

Freebies for Bloggers

Lately, i find this humble endeavor amazing. Not only i find an extra avenue to gain some bucks here but i also get some freebies from advertisers in exchange of links. I just talked to an online site which sells branded apparrels and girl stuff. They are based abroad and their online sites is one of the most sought after online portals because of their high end merchandise. I got the chance to talk with their internet marketing specialist and had a deal for a free choice of products in exchange for a link. Isnt it amazing? Now my eyes are rolling big time on the plethora of fantastic branded and fashionable stuff. I wish i could have more freebies in the next days (hahaha). On the other side, i am eyeing for an edvertiser and hopefully the deal will be close..(please God). To that, its an amazing friday. I hope for you too guys. Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Babies Really Do Change Everything

There is a distinct difference between the way people are before they start a family and afterwards. Before kids arrive on the scene you hear of people say how they’ve transformed their life and things will never be the same and you nod and smile as if completely understanding what they mean but actually have no clue at all.
How can a little human bundle be so all encompassing? How can it change what was once a fun loving, sometimes a bit reckless, always up for a laugh / night out / party / gossip (delete as appropriate) into a walking zombie who has no other conversation apart from nappies, sleep or lack of, growth spurts or whether their child can smile, sit, stand, walk etc?

How too can someone so small have and need so much paraphernalia? Everything from a baby gro to a Babystyle Oyster is required by these little human beings. However, it isn’t just about clothing and buggies, babies need lots of attention, love and nurturing.
Try as you might you cannot help but become completely absorbed by a child. All the things you said you would never do just happen like not caring about your appearance, talking in a baby voice, hosting a 1st birthday party, photographing and filming everything like a Japanese tourist in a capital city.

Resistance is futile

The more you try to resist the harder it becomes – like trying not to chew a Fruit Pastille or trying to find clothes in the sale when you’ve already seen something perfect in the full price section. Becoming a parent gives you a green light to become all the things you previously hated! Also being THAT parent on an aeroplane or in a supermarket queue are just rites of passage you have to go through. Whilst the non parents look on and tut and parents look but try not to look because they know they’ve been that soldier with a screaming child before.
Aside from the lack of sleep and public humiliation there is a unique joy to being a parent. Watching a child grow day by day and seeing them take everything in like a sponge is fantastic. Watching learn a new skill, something which we just take for granted and yet in the early stages they are so amazed by and giggle to themselves not quite believing what they’ve just done.

Past, present, future

It is the oddest thing to sit and wonder about their future – to feel fear for them about what is to come before they have even taken their first steps. It is also strange to think about what they have missed – how they will never be taught using a blackboard and chalk at school, they will never know a world without computers or mobile phones. They will take apps and downloading and the internet for granted and yet it is today’s elderly generation who are completely bamboozled by the technology driven, world shrinking age we are now in. One could question whether their lives will be as rich for not growing up the way we did or if they will grow up too fast, although the latter is almost a guarantee.
Babies are not babies for long and this is what makes them so precious but at the same time they will always be your baby even as an adult.
The love for a child is instinctive and that is why non parents can only nod and smile as if they understand. Parenting isn’t for everyone though and some live vicariously through nephews or nieces watching their siblings transform into responsible beings.

The passing of time

Time just goes so fast as parent. When they are first born and home from hospital it takes all day sometimes just to get dressed. So much happens with a stream of visitors and health professionals checking in and yet at the same time so little happens as the baby just wants feed after feed after feed. As they grow so fast parents should capture the changes thinking one day that their child is the most beautiful and then looking back at pictures and seeing how much they have grown over such a short space of time. Every second counts.


This article is written by Imogen Reed, a freelance writer and a researcher for five years. This is a guest post.